Sunday, November 23, 2014

Someone tried to rob me today......slightly traumatized (week 12)


Yogurt here comes in bags did I mention that? It is also more like thick milk haha Great for smoothies! (Week 11)

Hello Dear Ones,

I had another good week in Chile! We worked really hard as usual! Numbers don´t always mean something, but this week we had 25 lessons and 52 contact, which may not mean anything to you, but that is a lot! We also had an awesome mision conference yesterday. All of the missionaries gathered in Rancagua and Elder Christensen and his wife spoke. He is in the presidency of the seventy. The whole mission gasthering has never happened.....well I'm guessing at one point, but in no ¨living¨ missionary memory.

This week we had lunch at Hna. Fanny House. Her sister Soraya made us an American meal, it was awesome. Potatoes and gravy, rolls, and meat. Just like home! It was tasty! We had our Thanksgiving a little early haha Someone had better eat some banana cream pie for me. 

Last Monday, the cookies were a hit! Thanks for the recipe Mom! It was kind of an experiment though, because they don´t measure the same here. So we had to kind of eyeball it, and that has never been my forte. They still turned out though! PS They don´t exactly do baking powder, or baking soda. Well they do one of the two, I just don´t know which it was that we put in. Also they don´t do real like measuring cups and spoons, they use actual cups and spoons, so it was really fun, lets just say that. 

On Saturday was a baptism of an adorable girl in the ward, Daniela. I helped with the musical number. She sang and I played. Her Mom cried. I am also like the designated piano player in the ward too. I play every Sunday, so if I haven´t said it before, thank you mom for making me practice :) 

I did a number on my back this week. It hurt so bad! It is mostly better now, but just to give you an idea, I took my pills and they didn´t do much. We kept working though, because that is what I am here for. Also I got sick again yesterday. Hna Villanueva too. It is some kind of flu thing. We feel much better today. We still went out to teach yesterday though, but after our first lesson (which was really more like taking turns running to the bathroom) we decided we had better go home. Apparently my throwing up is going to be an occurance every transfer haha (I know you all wanted to hear about that haha) The mission President actually called this morning and asked how we were, and Hna. Villanueva who usually says ¨super bien¨said something else, which I think surprised him. We asked him why he had called and he said it was just because he thought he should call. We kind of think it was for something else, but he is a very inspiried President. We love him and Hna Warne too. 

Did I forget ot remind you all about Brooke and Bri Bri and their birthday last week? I remembered, but I think I forgot to remind you all. It looks like you all had fun at their party though! 

Well I love you all very much! I hope you are all doing well! Love you!!!!!!!

Read and Pray everyday! (EVERYDAY!)

Hermana Makin

Dog Attacks, the plague, and alcohol.....this is the craziest week yet! (Week 10)

Hello Everyone!

Before I forget, my pday next week is Tuesday, just so you don´t run wild with yoru imaginations or get unnecessarily angry or sad.

First the plague. I sent you the picture and it is actually a lot worse now, that was last Monday. It is also on my legs and feet. Not like all over, but everyday some spots come to join the family. It looks like some of them are starting to shrink so that´s good. Anyway I told the nurse and she checked it out and told me it was fleas. Laugh it up people laugh it up. I know Jill is possibly dying right now, and maybe Dad too. And no I have not been carrying around my flea collars, but yes now I have one in my bag, but it doesn´t matter because it didn´t end up being fleas. The Elders came and fumigated our house like 10 min before going to that was fun. Hermana Villanueva almost died haha. Then the bed was sprayed and all of  my bedding was washed. Flea collars were added to my pack. Anyway it wasn´t fleas because none of that worked. I have no idea what it was. My compy kept saying tiene un peste....and I thought I knew what it meant but just to be sure I looked it up, and yep....plague. Anyway we will see....the nurse said she would look up Little red bumps on the internet. I told her she might find some interesting stuff lol
So a dog tried to attack me this week. It just so happened to be diablito. I told you that dog is of the devil. I am now less fond of dogs if that is even possible. It was the day after Halloween and we were walking to the church to clean the egg off the chapel. I was talking to Hmna Sheean and then I looked down and there was the dog and it had it´s head all cocked forward and angry looking and I was a tad bit nervous, so I just kept walking trying my best to give it some room, and next thing I knew it had jumped at me. It tried to bite me and all that, but Hmna Villanueca is like my body guard or something, and scared it away. It was traumatizing to say the least. I HATE THAT DOG!
So I may or may not have had alcohol this week......I am not sure. We were at a members house for lunch. She served us desert and it happened to be ice cream, so I was happily eating it, because hello, ice cream. Anyway after a minute or to my comp asked her what it was and she started to explain and well it sounded like the sauce on the ice cream may have contained alcohol, also the ice cream. It was kind of fuzzy for the both of us, but we stopped eating it. Now in my recommend interviews I will have to respond I think so haha Kind of funny though, since it was a member......
We had this crazy lesson this week with a less active member and it started off with her telling us that she didn´t want us to come to her house inviting her to go to church . She said lots of stuff, but basically she was mad. I was all um.....I have no idea what to say, I want to run and hide, but well that wasn´t an option. She thought I didn´t understand her, so she pretty much said all of the stuff to my comp which was fine with me, I was all for playing dumb. I was glad I had a comp at that moment. It was like a make it or break it moment. Then we ended up teaching her anyway (I was surprised) and she bore her testimony and felt the spirit and we have another appointment this week. I guess you had to be there, but it was crazy! I was freaking out mostly because I was thinking how am I going to manage this when my trainer is gone? What is I am the senior companion or trainer? Mostly because EVERYONE keeps telling me that I am going to be training next cambio. Like half of the hermanas are leaving in december and january (the initial rush after the announcement) and there are a lot of new hermanas and everyone says I speak really well, and so I guess that means I am going to train. There are like 30 hermanas arriving in December. Lots of pressure being a trainer.....
Oh there was another funny drunk man experience. Well, really just sad to see someone so out of sorts, but funny because it was beyond awkward. This man is walking his bike up the road and he stops (we were waiting outside a house with another member) and says you are very pretty. I was all thanks. Then he goes I like pretty women. You are really pretty. I was baptised by a pretty woman. There was other stuff in between, but that was pretty much it. Anyway it was awkward.
Oh and another non drunk moment from a man. We were walking down the road and this man on his bike was all excuse me, excuse me I have a question. Where are you from. I told him the US and he was all are all the women from your country beautiful? I didn´t respond, because I had no idea what to say to that either. The Chileans really like Gringos. Better than being hated right? Glad I don´t look as ugly as I feel haha.

Anyway I love you all to pieces! I hope you have a good week this week! Kiss my babies a trillion times!

Read and Pray everyday!

Hermana Makin

PS Question of the week, since I don´t have time for a soap box:

What are you doing everyday to help my children come closer to Christ? Since I love them more tan anything on the planet and recognize this as the most important thing for them to do, I have to ask. :)

PPS Hope you had an awesome Halloween! Kudos to Jo for sending photos....the rest of you however........
tiene un peste aka the plague

This is what she does on P Day....not very relaxing.... Nuestra Selva aka the backyard

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blast O Pictures

Hermana Makin's First Chile Mission Companion. Here they were participating in an activity held at the church.
The other set of Sister missionaries in Graneros. (I think one of them has left now)


Zone. Don't worry folks her hand is just on her hip. :)


Last pic before Hermana Mota (I think) left the mission/area.

Tan lines ;)

Picture of Hermana Makin with the other sisters in her mission including the new missionary from Kaysville that arrived last week.


Each month on the 27th we eat something in celebration of another month gone. Here is the picture of Hermana Makin eating her kinder egg in celebration of her first month done.

Happy Birthday Harrison (week 9)

Hello All!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRISON!!!!!! I actually get to say it on an actual birthday! I love you to pieces Bubby!!!!!!!!!
His birthday actually marks my second month on the mish. Crazy huh? Time on the misión is super weird.
So 42 e-mails this week....I about died. I only have an hour and fifteen minutes to e-mail have I mentioned that? I have started printing e-mails and then responding the following theory...when there is time, so if there is something time sensitive please put in in bold in the subject of the e-mail so that I know.
Another good week here in Chile! We had to leave a few investigators this week, which was sad, but they weren't progressing and we really want to focus on those that are ready and willing to make changes and come unto Christ. So I forgot to tell you last week that I am still in Graneros. Hermana Mota left, so that was sad. Elder Lima left too. I realize you may have never actually heard of them.....but they were in Graneros too.

I got a package in the mail this week. Thanks for the ¨letter¨Gill. The mint milano cookies didn´t even melt. It gives me hope on the chocolate front, so if someone wants to spend a lot of money on an experiment, it would be to send me chocolate in the mail and see if it melts or not. You can test the different months of the year too. I won´t even complain ;) PS everyone thought the backscratcher thing was awesome, they didn´t get that it was kind of a joke haha I loved that you printed some of the blog posts and sent them with pics. I love the ones on Mom. Best pictures ever. Someone should send them to me. Also the blog post that Ick did was so great too. Thank you for your testimony Ick, it helps me to be able to read and draw strength from that. The rest of you feel free to write things you learn or realize during the week :) Oh and Gill, make sure you spell check.....because I don´t have time for that. MMMKK? Thanks! ;)

I can´t think of more exciting things to write unfortunately......I forgot to make a list before I came to the instead I will send pics. I know how you love that :)
A few weeks ago we met a woman named Nora. She lives with her son Andres. The last few times we have gone to visit her she has been in pretty bad shape. She says she needs to go to the doctor and no one will take her. She thinks they just want her to die so they can sell the house and get money. She was almost crying. I felt so badly for her, and realized, that there isn´t really a whole lot I can do to help her. That was kind of a terrible realization. We offered of course to help her with service and such, but the people here don´t seem to be too open to that. It made me realize the importance of service. Someone once spoke about how we need to recognize and then act. A lot of people need our help, and if we are blessed with eyes to see we need to help them. I was also thinking that it is a way for us to show our brothers and sisters the love that God has for them. Even if we don´t necessarily need the help, we should allow others to help us. It helps us to learn humility and feel God´s love. How many times has someone needed to feel God´s love and didn´t because I didn´t act? Being a disciple of Christ means we need to serve those around us. So my challenge this week is not only to find someone to serve, but allow someone to serve you. Service brings blessings, so by allowing someone to serve you, you are giving them blessings.
Read and Pray Everyday!
Hermana Makin
PS I cannot belive Mom is making spudnuts this year! Why is it always when I am gone?!?!?! It´s okay Mom, I already forgive you ;)
Oh PPS can you send me some récipes like this week don´t forget or I will be killed because we have an activity next week and I am in charge of dessert.

First Apartment

Hermana Makin has sent me some pics that I have needed to add to the blog. Here are ones that show her accomodations. :)
Her first apartment complete with bars on the windows.

I am guessing she sleeps on the top bunk. Bed was probably made for this photo. lol!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Send her emails!!! (Week 8)

Hey Everyone,
This week we had Zone Conference with President and Sister Warne. That was good. Learned lots of stuff. The Assistants are really funny, so it was entertaining. Sister Warne made pumpkin bread, which was awesome!
This week we had an awesome ward activity. The six missionaries in Graneros planned it. It was based on 1 Nephi 8. Did you all study that? It´s really good. Anyway its the whole Lehi dream chapter. We had cord that we wound around the chapel and people had to follow it blindfolded to get to the tree of life, which was a Christmas tree with chocolate cookie cream center things. I forget their name. I don´t actually know the name of most of the foods here actually. There were people reading different verses at different parts, and then at the very end temptors. I was surprised, but a lot of people fell astray, which was actually really good for our object lesson. Anyway at the end, one of the members explained the importance and all six of us bore our testimonies. It was really powerful. One of the little girls was crying because she didn´t get to the end. Someone told her to let go and she did. It was a girl of a less active family we met last Sunday. We went out and found them and taught them and asked them to come back to church. We told them about the activity last Sunday and they remembered AND CAME to the activity. Then they called us to tell us that family unexpectedly showed up and they wouldn´t be able to make it to church and rescheduled our appointment with them! That NEVER happens! Usually people just don´t answer the door, or the phone or make up really lame excuses. Anyway the activity was one of my favorite things so far from the mish.
Maria called us this week (the one who was supposed to get baptized with her son). She told us that she really did want to get baptized still, but she was having problems with her husband, and he was not liking us or something.....its hard to understand people on the phone, but that was the jist. We are going to go back and visit her, but wait a couple of weeks till things cool down.
Samuel called us yesterday (the recent convert who went awol). He said he found work and he wanted to change his environment, because he doesn´t ever want to be less active (what a good egg). So that was good. We still miss teaching him though, and his sister who was the other baptism that fell through I can tell misses him too. We weren´t able to teach her last week which was sad. We had an appointment, but when we showed up.....she had left, which was weird because we talked to her an hour before and she was all for it.......missionary struggles.....
I forgot to wish Weldon a happy birthday last week, I am probably going to forget birthdays....don´t be mad when I do people, but I won´t miss Harrisons, next Monday, I am determined to remember it in my email. Please note I don´t actually forget on the actual day, just in the email. So anyway hope you had a happy birthday Weldon. It reminds me of last year when I came over and Emma said: You know you are only invited because you came over. For the full funny story ask Jo.

So Jennifer said in an email a few weeks ago that it is kind of like talking to yourself, until you get a response (emailing) and I wholeheartedly agree. Mostly I fell like I'm talking to myself, because no one really comments on my work on that ;)

So did I tell you about Samuels friends that got lost in the mountains for days? They were found and no one died, but some of them fell 18 meters! We were praying really hard for them. Funny thing is that they were looking for Samuel to go with them, but he left right before they came for......I don´t even actually know where he is.
I also had exchanges this week. It was actually super lame in a funny way. Lame because the assistants had to switch us back because one of the Hnas is leaving and they had to do some paperwork early in the morning. So it was only for like 4 hrs.
We got kicked out of a ¨house¨ this week. I use quotes because we weren´t actually in a house. It was like a patio.....but that is a really over generalized Word. So anyway we went in to teach and then a man came out of his apartment who was an Evangelical and was saying this man is stupid he'
s crazy we are all the same religión here, why are you bringing this in, its only going to cause problems, there is the door.....yeah real disciple of Christ right there. The poor man we were rude!

Elder Nelson is coming to Chile to hold a Conference so that is exciting. I am not actually sure if the choir we are doing is for that or not...I think it is for stake conference which is this weekend. We aren´t sounding half bad actually. Should be pretty good.

What did everyone do for fall break?

Spiritual Thought: I had a thought come to me this week. Every time you read from the Book of Mormon, your testimony should be strengthened. Every time! So, if it isn´´re doing it wrong haha Read with a purpose :)

Well I love you all, and have been praying for you too! Hope you have a great week!

Read and Pray everyday!

Hermana Makin
Hermana Makin with the Mission President and his wife the day that she arrived.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hola Familia (Week 7)

Hola Famlia!
We had a great week this week. Taught lots of lessons and made lots of contacts. Met some awesome people and such. It occurred to me this week (because I'm a Little slow) that I am living in a foreign country! I live here! It was a weird realization. (Don't get all sad Gill.) Anyway its kind of an interesting thing living in a foreign country.

It is week six here, which means that cambios are this week! Yikes! I doubt I will go anywhere, but ya never know!
So this week we were taking a colectivo (kind of like a taxi but cheaper) back from Rancagua where we had a meeting. This guy starts talking to us about Joseph Smith. So Hermanan gives him the rundown of the first lesson and then he says but why did he have to be an American? Why couldn't he have been from Columbia or Peru etc. Then he says that he thinks it is a conspiracy from the US government etc. It was crazy and super awkward because I was sitting in the front seat and the other hnas were in the backseat. I guess you had to be there, but afterwards I was thinking, and isn't it awesome that we have testimonies? To have had the privilege of being born into the góspel and being raised in it? We don't have to question and it isn't new and wow what a blessing!
Then the other hnas (Mota and Cano) had this experience this week where this Evangelical was shouting at them that they needed to leave the church. They were all we invite you to read and pray to find your answer and he was all and I invite you to leave your church! Its not as funny in English....but we were laughing about it. (Don't worry Dad, they aren't ever aggressive or anything, I'm safe stop worrying!)
I decided that I am going to try and write more snail mail in my free time (lol) I really have no free time. The misión life is quite structured! I got four snail mail letters today it was awesome! I feel so loved! Also I recieved the target bag from that lady.....I don{t know her name :/ I may have teared up haha. I hate that I am so emotional sometimes. You guys always make me cry....but in happy ways! I was overjoyed about the ear plugs! Thank you! I now want to kill the dogs and my companion a Little less. Oh and the dang man with his horn! Heaven help me! So I am a Little more sane now haha
Speaking of dogs.....there is this dog I have to tell you about. I HATE IT!!! Every time we walk past the house (which is a lot because it is on the same Street as us) he freaks out and yips and yips and yips! I want this dog to disappear! I have named it Diablito (Little devil) because it is evil! I silently wish harm upon it as we walk by everyday. There was a week there when he couldn't really bark, I guess he was sick, but I thought it was because of my magical powers or something haha  now I am a Little nicer and only point and glare.

So yesterday was super fome! Like really horrible. It just was plain crappy. We found out that Samuel our recent convert of a Little more than a month flew the coop! He went to the fifth región (we are in the sixth and there are 12 or 13 in Chile) I guess he was looing for work, but he didnt tell anyone. The only reason we know is because a bishop from up there called to find out about him. So good news is he went to church! Bad news is that he is depressing. You kind of grow attached to the people and such. (I understand your pain Gill ;) ) Then we found out right before that, that two of our investigators with baptismal dates apparently don't want to get baptized anymore. They said that they have had so many trials lately and they realized it was when they started meeting with the that was terrible. Then our other baptismal date fell, because the girl didn't show up for church again, and she hasn't stopped smoking. She has been super evasive this week. (Always full of excuses.) and then our fourth didnt come to church either.....all in all....sad sad day. PS we found all of this out right before ending our fast for words 

Anyway, please try and take care of yourselves! If you could stop visiting the ER and getting sick that would be wonderful. Please pray for our investigators. We are trying so hard to be obedient, but the adversary is giving it his all too.

Preacher Moment: Always go to church! The only reason not to go is if you are sick. Never get out of the habit. There are so many people here who just don't go to the chapel. Of the 700 plus people in the Ward only 94 attended church yesterday. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT!!! So, go to church, renew your covenants! Remember, when you were baptized, you promised God that you would take on Christs name.That means you promised to follow the example he left for us. You said you would try and be like him, that is a big deal. So be good disciples and go to church haha Okay I will step down from my depressing soap box.

I love you all muy mucho! (Dont actually say that to people, its bad gramar haha) Take care of my babies, and make them stop growing and as always....

Hermanan Makin

PS Last week you all broke your record 36 e-mails! This week you also broke your record 22 e-mails haha It was nice to take more time to read this week haha

PPS That is not an invitation to try and break either record!

I am wearing pants and I found peanut butter! It´s a great day to be alive! (Week 6)

We had a zone activity today, so I got to wear jeans!!!! I am have never been so jazzed about this in my life. Ask my comp, I was giddy. ALSO THEY HAVE PEANUT BUTTER!!!! ´nuff said. It was another great week here is Chile! I discovered just how small Graneros really is now that I have become more acquainted with Rancagua. I would equate it to Mountain Home minus the Walmart, but with a lot more people. We entered a store here in Rancagua this week and I was in shock. Ask the Hermanas. I thought my head was going to explode! It seemed more like homeish (emphasis on the ish). PS ice cream is like 8 dollars a I pretty much gave that up on site. We only get 20 dollars a week for food haha.
Good news, I am not getting fat! Lost my MTC weight haha. I really am not that obsessed with my weight, but it must seem like it by the amount that I talk about it. Sorry, that's super annoying. I´m one of those people now..... But on that note, I feel hungry all the time lately! (Don´t you dare say growth spurt. I will.....not do anything to you, because that isn´t Christ like haha)

As a side note, my hips have been doing awesome. I know it´s because you are praying, especially Mom I think. I know she probably prayed the hardest. She definitely knows how that is.
Before I forget! Shoutout to the birthdays this week! One Neily Boy and Hokey Pokey! Hope you have a splendid day! Make sure you tell Neil Gill.

We found a new investigator this week and it was super awesome! We were actually looking for some less active members who were supposed to live there, but it was definitely never their address. Anyway this man opens the door and says he has seen us before. We definitely had never seen him before. We went back the next day and taught him the first lesson which includes the first vision. His wife was in there and soon as I finished she got up and walked out. (It was my first time reciting it memorized in heart was POUNDING!!!) The spirit was so strong though during that lesson. He said immediately that he knew we were sent from God and that our message was true. Then we told him to pray for a confirming answer from God and he asked us what the most correct way to pray was! I was like are you messing with me right now? This is awesome! Then he said he would cancel his plans so he could meet with us again. It was awesome. As we were leaving he just kept saying that he hoped God would bless us and that people would receive us well and that he was going to pray for us. IT WAS SO AMAZING! His wife on the other hand. Not interested. She´s Evangelical through and through apparently.
Did you all enjoy Conference? I was like giddy. The spirit there was awesome! We watched the womens sesión in the morning on Saturday. I was seriously sad when it was over. Did you notice the themes? Strengthen your testimony and follow the prophet folks, something is coming!

My challenge for the week is to go to the temple. It´s more important tan anything else you have to do. Also study the topic of prayer. Read President Eyring's talk in the priesthood session last conference, it is bomb!
Coming on a mission has forever changed me, and I truly feel thankful to my Heavenly Father. He loves us all so very much. Please Foster a relationship with him. He wants to have that with you. He wants to talk to you!

I love you all so much, but as always never enough time to write it all down. Be good! Follow the prophet! Stand out in a good way! And as always.....

Read and Pray everyday!

Hermana Makin

PS Got some letters this week! I was excited! Keep sending them! Looks like it take 3-4 weeks to arrive.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The week of spiders... (week 5)

Why hello there!

Another good week here in Chile.....the bugs have started coming out though.....not so sure about this place anymore....jk First I found a spider on my bed, then there was one on the window, but my comp told me not to kill it because it was the spider that would eat the spider that could kill that was when I kind of lost it. They couldn't really explain it to me anyone want to research that? I would rather not die here. Oh and wait for the stories of all stories which I am about to tell you.

We went to teach a lesson to an investigator named Jaime. He is an older man who kind of reminds me of one NSC. He is super random sometimes and just goes off on tangents during lessons....we try not to ask too many questions. Anyway at the end of the lesson he was insistent on sharing with us some of his juice, despite our refusals. So he brings out this dirty, HUGE, cup. He hands it to Hna. Villanueva, and that was when I noticed the dead spider hanging from the rim. I tried not to freak out.... Meanwhile I am noticing this she says I can have the cup and she can use her nearly empty water bottle. So after the spider sighting, he goes and rinses it out and starts trying to get me to drink out of the cup. Joke was not on me because I had an empty water bottle. There was no way on this planet I was going to drink from my cup. Anyway Hna. Villanueva, she is super sweet and realized she had kind of thrown me under the bus and she drank from the cup. What a gem. People here feed us all the time. Sometimes it is awesome, and sometimes it is not. People keep telling me I am too thin and need to gain weight, so I think that is mostly why they keep feeding us. The way to my heart is through my stomach people, so I of course love the people to death!

There was a crazy thing that happened this week. We walked past this house this week and there were some sketchy dudes out front, then we walked by again and there was screaming and smoke and weird cracking sounds. A woman ran out with a baby. There was no spirit there. I don't know what happened, but apparently a fire.....anyway I'm not doing a good job of explaining myself, but it was scary. The dogs were barking at me....because apparently they sense that.

Oh PS annoying thing. Since there are dogs EVERYWHERE, when one starts barking then every dog around starts barking. Its soooooo annoyingly loud! My comp says that I am going to like dogs by the end but..... we shall see.

So have I told you about the Gutierrez family? I totally love them. They are a less active family. They were having some family problems and the parents separated for like a week and then something happened and they ended up working it out. They are now praying and reading as a family, everyday!!!! Isn't that exciting? Now if we could just get them to go to church! Pray for them! Their daughter whispered to us last night as we were leaving that she wants to get baptized! She is 11 I think, so that is freaking awesome! 

We had to push back the baptism date for all three of our investigators this week.....sad day.....pray for them, the adversary is real!

PS remember about the chastity lesson I told you all about last week? Well its about to get better, so we went for the next lesson and she told us she was going to move in with her boyfriend.....apparently the awkwardness distracted from the message or something haha......still don't know what is going to happen there haha.....}

I think I am getting sick again....sore throat.....this is the second freaking time! I think I forgot to tell you I had a stomach bug the week before last. We still went out and that was like death haha but the work is so important!

Oh and BTW I have not received any snail mail yet......not even the letter mom sent while I was in the I am anxiously awaiting letters. PS when I get transferred I wont ever really get mail because the office is in Rancagua and it could potentially be 4 hrs just FYI. I am as it is super close now and we have to visit the office every week for zone meetings.

I decided I am going to do a weekly challenge. Teaching the plan of salvation has really given me perspective on life. We are here on the Earth to prepare to be in Gods presence. Read that sentence again, because it is a common phrase we always say, but internalize that. This time we have in reality is super short and I would really like to be with you all in the Celestial Kingdom, so it is sooooo important to me that you honor your covenants and live a good life so we can all be one happy family, and not have anyone end up in the terrestrial or telestial kingdom. That would suck! If you don't chose to follow God in this life, in the end, in the next life, it doesn't really matter what else you picked, just that you don't get to be with your family forever.  (Matt 6:33) So hence my weekly challenge. This week I want to challenge you all to pray more, and make your prayers meaningful. YOU ARE TALKING TO GOD! Sometimes it blows my mind. You are actually talking to your creator. The one who is ALWAYS there for you. The one that cares the most. Mean what you say when you say it, don't just say it. There are sooooo many times to pray in the day, morning, night, meals, leaving the house. The best thing about the MTC was the spirit. YOU COULD ALWAYS FEEL IT! I have never in my whole life felt so calm and level headed. I had no anxiety people! NONE! It was amazing. One of the reasons you can feel the spirit so strongly is because people are always praying. EVERYWHERE! And it isn't weird. You should never feel uncomfortable praying. No one thinks you look weird if you are praying in public. Anyway pray more and report to me how it goes. Tell me what experiences you have and if it helps you with the Kiddos. Also read 1 Nephi 8 everyday. I want you to look for how it can apply to you in your life and with your family. Write down what you learn and then write to me and tell me about it. I spent an hour on in this morning and could have done more. It is super vacan! Anyway preacher moment over haha

As always, I miss you all so so so much!!! I always always think about you! Its just how it is. Usually when I'm studying the scriptures in the morning. Miss you all!

Read and Pray everyday!

Hermana Makin
Hermana Makin as a child. Don't worry people I already issued her a verbal warning for the lack of pictures. I will just have to threaten her with embarrassing pictures going forward.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Spring has sprung... kind of (week 4)


I always start of saying that I miss you all, but it´s true. I miss you all, a lot!!! You are always in the back of my mind.....except when I am trying to talk, because it takes a lot of focus not to say something stupid......not going to share that story haha

Our week was super vacan (sick). Literally and figuratively. We had awesome experiences with finding people, and of course teaching. I´ll share one. We were looking for a less active members house one night among some apartment buildings. As we walked by one I had an impression that we should contact there, so I told my companion. After we found the members house, who shock of all shocks wasn´t there, she turned to me and said okay where do you want to contact. I walked back to the building where I had the impression with a little prayer in my heart, walked up to the second floor and knocked on the third door to the right. A man opened the door and let us in! This was the first time someone has ever let us in on the first encounter!!!!! Then his pareja walked in before we could even ask. They moved there two months ago and have a son. We found a family! They were super receptive too! I am excited to see what will happen.

Next story is the awkward of all awkward. It happened last night. So we went to teach Erslia the Law of Chastity. My first ever time teaching it, so I had no idea what I was doing and wasn´t much help to be honest. So there the three of us are in the corner and the whole family is doing something else in another part. Well my compy signals to them that we are going to pray, and the whole family converges. The kids, the mom and dad (Aunt and Uncle) everyone. So then we ended up teaching her with everyone listening and the Uncle had lots to say. He has had a huge change of heart and wants to stop drinking and smoking and using and come back to church. We keep praying that he will keep the same heart. I love this family! Anyway Ersilia was uncomfortable and it was uncomfortable anyway because she has a son. Oh and then her BF came over, but luckily we were done by then. Anyway it’s definitely one for the books.

So have I told you about how flirty the Chilean men are? Especially the drunk ones. They are always trying to kiss me. haha Always calling things out at me as I walk by i.e. Bella, Reina Linda etc. They wink at me too. It makes me feel super awkward. They will even honk at me from the road and yell at me from their cars. Also people are obsessed with my height. I feel a little like I am an animal in a zoo. Oh and everyone shouts things at me in English. Lots of people here want to learn, so we are going to try and start a class....which I will teach because no one in my area but me speaks English.

This is a shout out to Madilyn. I forgot to tell you, but I met Hermana Nokes my very first day in Chile. Funny right? She is a trainer of new missionaries.

English is starting to get hard, like the phrases and everything.

I love you all and God loves you too! I hope you are all preparing for General Conference! There have not always been prophets to guide us on the earth. God doth nothing before he reveals it unto his servants the prophets. They know what is coming and how to help us. Don´t take it for granted and try to pay close attention. Not a time to be multi-tasking (something of which I have definitely been guilty of). 

I love you all even more than I ever realized. Please love and take care of my babies! It kills me thinking about how I am missing them growing up. Let them know how much I love and miss them. They are the very best thing I have ever had in my whole life and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them! 

Read and Pray every day!!!! (EVERYDAY!)

Hermana Makin
Hermana Makin (Lack of pictures this week Sorry folks!)


Monday, September 15, 2014



I forgot to wish Aubrie a Happy Birthday in my last letter, so now I am late.......epic fail. I kept thinking about her on Friday and wishing she wouldn´t grow up while I was gone. Someone kiss her face off for me! Or all of you haha LOTS OF LOVE FROM CHILE BRIE BRIE!!!!!! Gill has your present for the next time you come down. (Don´t forget Gill ;) )

Man, I miss you guys sooooooo much! The mission life is pretty good. It has been quite overwhelming actually. Nothing here is the same as the US.....there isn´t even a McDonalds. Isn´t that weird? I mean I don´t actually like McDonalds, but it´s just weird.

So anyway, by the title of my e-mail you can tell that I have had an interesting week, and it really has been quite interesting....

Starting off let me tell you about how awesome the people are here! So kind and loving and welcoming. We have a few investigators. I challenged one of them to be baptized this week, which was awesome. She accepted and the plan in October 11th. Her family is really oppossed which is kind of weird because they are so nice when we come over and listen to lessons and are actually less active members and all that. Her brother is a recent convert too.....there are family problems there I think. The Dad actually just left like of Friday which is super sad! They are really poor, like house out of cardboard poor :( Anyway her name is Resilia. She has a little boy named......Benjamin? I think that´s his name. There are other people we are teaching that are Evangelicals.....everytime people here that they are all like.....good luck with that, but all the Evangelicals I have met have been really receptive.....I guess it´s only week one, but I am still optimistic! 

So let me tell you about my first day. It was crazy! I was soooo tired, with the lack of sleep on the plane and everything. I would lay down until my hip started hurting and wake up and have to switch positions. That happened a lot so I was really tired. Then I went to a new missionary orientation. I didn´t come in the middle of a transfer Gill ;) so you can be happy about that haha Then we ate completos which are like poor people hot dogs haha Then I went to my new area which is Graneros. It´s close to Rancagua. We went shopping which I may have mentioned was traumatic. I almost started crying in the store. It´s because I was tired haha So many new things and I had no idea what to buy. It all worked out though. PS did I mention nothing is the same? Major culture shock people, but don´t worry, the church is still true. Oh yeah and the power was out the first night....well actually, the office forgot to pay the bill. It was really cold!!!! Oh and let me tell you about the drunk people.....

After I e-mailed you last, we were walking down the road and this drunk man grabbed my arm (I had no idea he was drunk) It´s okay don´t worry I Crissy´d him haha He kept saying that he needed to ask me a question. So there I was on the street, so confused, and my companion skillfully maneuvered us away. I had to ask her what in the world had just happened, and she told me he was drunk. I find it all quite funny. I have never actually seen a drunk person before, but there are a plethora of them in our sector. It happened again later that night as we were walking home. I recognized it after a few seconds though. I thought I was pretty good at spotting and avoiding them after that, but then I tried to make a contact with one yesterday haha so......I guess I need some more practice. 

This week everyone will be drunk because the 18th is like the patriotic celebration day or something. Oh and last week there was a protest on the 11th....something to do with the US? I don´t really know. We had to come home early so we cut the grass which was like up to my knees. It was really bad. We used big scissor yard was kind of a long extended kind of way.

Oh other funny thing, there is a Heineken beer cup in our house. I don´t know why but I thought it was really funny. 

Oh, THEY HAVE ICE CREAM!!!!!! I was so excited haha The bread here is also super delicious and the cookies! Oh my lanta! The members feed us lunch everyday and the portion sizes are HUGE! Like really really large amounts! Like, you eat until you feel sick. It´s always pasta I´m going to be fat when I get home haha (NO RUDE COMMENTS WHEN I GET BACK ;) ) It´s okay though, because Gill and I can Bay Watch haha So my whole I´ll walk it off in Chile mantra.....not so much. We do walk a ton!!!! Our sector is huge, but I don´t think it´s going to be enough. Extra prayers for my hips please, because I think that may become a big problem. Don´t worry Mom I have my drugs :)

I told you about the dogs already that are everywhere!!!!! You can guess what else is everywhere learn to watch your step! Also the Chileans love their cats. Everyone has at least that´s been fun. Let´s just say I keep the Kleenex nearby. 

Another cool thing, I think a General Authority is coming for Stake Conference. We are doing a choir for it. It´s actually really sad, because there are a lot of tone deaf people, but the spirit is there and that is all that matters right?

Remember to rely on the Lord, his atonement isn´t just for our sins, but our weaknesses and our trials too. Above all never loose the faith!!!

Read and pray everyday!

Hermana Makin

P.S. I miss you more than I miss hot showers, which is saying quite a lot! Apparently there is a way to trick the faucet......but so far no luck :/

Hola (Ciara's letter to let us know she had made it there safely)

It´s chilly in Chile! I just had to say that, one because it´s funny, and two because it´s true! Anyway I made it here, and it´s kind of overwhelming, but I am sure I will get the hang of it. It was really awesome to get to talk to you all yesterday over the phone. I have been assigned to work in an area called Graneros, with my new trainer. Her name is Hermana Villanueva. She doesn´t speak english, so that´s been fun......quite a challenge especially since I am so tired from my travels and it takes so much energy to concentrate in Spanish. So anyway this is just suppossed to be an I´m alive and well letter, so I´m alive and mostly well :)

Fun Facts About Life if Chile:

1. There are dogs EVERYWHERE!!!! Also they follow you.

2. Our little house has bars on the window (not sure how to feel about that.

3. A cat somehow made it into our residence today.....bleh!

4. They don´t refrigerate milk or shopping trip might have been slightly traumatizing.

5.The whole not knowing about the money thing is a will get easier though.

Well I love you mucho mucho!!! Miss you too!!!! We are about to go and teach like 6 different lessons to people I don´t know in a language that is.....well....just a challenge and I don´t know what we are going to teach......HERE I GO!!

Read and pray everyday!

Hermana Makin
Hermana Makin pointing to her mission while at the MTC

Belated Pictures from Hermana Makin's MTC district

Elder ? and Elder ?? (I am sure Hermana Makin can fill us in when she gets back :) )

From L to R: Bottom: Sister ?, Sister ??, Sister ??? and Hermana Makin
Top: Elders

Monday, September 8, 2014

Airport Goodbye (by phone... I wish it was in person)

 Today I (sister Jill) went over to my momma's house today to make sure I got to chat with Ci Ci uh... Hermana Makin before she caught her plane to go to Chile. She was able to call from the airport and I was really excited to talk with her. I heard her voice and literally almost started crying. At the end of our conversation later I really did start crying and she said she would call at Christmas and then she started crying. Kind of crazy that she is the only one from the MTC going to Chile right now. I know that it would be more comforting if there was another missionary on her flight but I know that she will manage it just fine. Her flight should get in tomorrow at 6:15 am our time. My dad called me to talk tonight and said that if he had known she was going down by herself he would have bought a plane ticket to take her down there. My dad is very caring and this would be very typical for him. He would want to make sure she makes it there safe. Hopefully he won't have a restless night of sleep tonight worrying about his baby. :)

My mom talking with Ciara while she was waiting for her plane.

While the adults are distracted with an important phone call the children destroy the house. :)

Week 2.....say what?!?!?!

Hola todos!

Another awesome week here! Being in the MTC is hard, but whenever I think about it as an overall thing, it mostly just seems AWESOME! You all are so great! Thank you so much for the packages and letters this week! I am sooooo spoiled. I do believe my district is starting to hate me haha.  I received four packages this week! I almost feel bad about it! Thank you so much Mom for the goodies! Everyone says thank you! Cookies and caramels, and caramel popcorn, you are an overachiever! When I opened the last box and saw the caramel popcorn I gasped and started freaking out I was so excited! Totally freaked my companion out and she got mad at me....oh well haha I was having a rather hard day on Thursday and then I got letters at the end of the night from Jen, Jess, and Jo. It was awesome. (You must have missed the memo Jill ;) ) I just sat on my bed and read them and it was nice to feel the love. The branch counselors wife walked in to check on us, and there I was crying, and loving on the little pictures Em and Sadie drew for me. Those are the best. PS I love the picture book! I showed everyone. I even made the Elders look at the pictures haha. So again, thank you for the packages and letters.

So this week we welcomed in the new missionaries. There are two teachers among the bunch. Funny right? I guess it's like a thing now. I think it went pretty well.....Not much new or exciting is happening. We still have classes 10 hours a day, and I still eat way too much food haha. I think the problem is 1. It tastes really good (not as good as yours though mom, don't even worry, no competition) and 2. You can't take any with you and you don't want to waste with the MTC food and all the goodies, they may just have to roll me out of here. Just kidding! I love it all, and I don't even care. I'll just walk it off in Chile. It's my new motto!

Something that I may not have mentioned in my last e-mail is that we are teaching lessons. I can't remember if we did or not. This week we taught a woman named Mercedes. She was so great (we are done now since I leave Monday). I think she was just an actor, but the cool thing is, you can still feel the spirit so strongly! We are also teaching our teachers who are acting. They are much more difficult to teach though. They pretend to fall asleep....which is kind of annoying. I guess they want us to know that we are boring them. I'm working on the whole inspired questions and engaging lessons thing. One time the Elders came out laughing and told us that "Jonathan" Hermano Wood was acting like he was borracho (drunk). It's kind of been a big joke since then haha We kind of poke fun at them. Really our teachers are so great! I like them a lot, even though one of them makes fun of my Spanish a little bit. My grammar needs some improvement....It's been almost 2 years since I have taken a Spanish class....

Oh also I thought it was funny that everyone sent me calling cards. I now have six, so unless I run out of time I will definitely have enough minutes to call you all. 

Anyway there isn't too much else to say, I guess I am kind of boring. I will leave you with a thought though.

This week we had a few lessons on the whole every member a missionary thing. Being here, I am realizing just how important it is, and the prophets and apostles have spoken about this so many times, which should just motivate you all the more. The changes people make when they come unto Christ are difficult. It is not easy to leave behind a life that is so familiar and take a step of faith into something unfamiliar. Please be the one to befriend new people and the one to share your testimony. You have been blessed to be a member of the church and should share this blessing with others. I want you to think about one simple truth about why you are a member of the church. I know that there is a lot that goes into a testimony, and we have a testimony about many different topics, but just think about it for a minute. When it boils down to it, why are you a member? For me. ONE of the reasons is that is makes me incredibly happy, and helps me be a better person. What you say doesn't have to be something profound. It just needs to be something true. Example: Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints helps me find peace and happiness. Isn't that an easy thing to say to someone? Don't be afraid of offending someone, and don't be weird about it, but it could come up in a casual conversation. Just because you live in Utah doesn't mean there isn't someone around you who isn't searching for something in their life. Sometimes they don't know what it is, until you take the courage to share. So take heart, reach out, and share your happiness, that is my challenge! With great blessings, come great responsibilities.
I love you all so much! I hope you have a great week!!!!!!! Give my babies lots of kisses, I miss them like a crazy mama bear haha

Read and pray everyday!

Hermana Makin

Hermana _________, Hermana ________, Hermana_________ and Hermana Makin ;)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sister Makin's Letter Week One

Here is Sister Makin's letter from this week!!!

HOLA!!!! (That is my favorite Spanish word to say I've decided)

So it has almost been a week her en el CCM, but it feels like a month. I loved opening my e-mail and seeing all the e-mails, it makes me miss you all, but don't worry I'm not homesick :) PS there were 25! Big shout out to those who wrote snail mail this week.(Mom, Linda, and Weldon) Your letters were such a treat! Because the days feel like weeks and are so long, it is so nice to get a letter at the end of the day. Some days can be really discouraging, so it helps to distract myself and be reminded that I am loved. I loved all the e-mails today too! They made me laugh, gasp and cry. I am thinking of you all and praying for you (when I'm not in class haha).

So this week was crazy! I wish I had time tor really tell you all about it, don't worry I am keeping a journal so you can probably read it later.....censored of course.

Anyway here is what happened this week.....

After I got dropped off, a nice Irish Elder ushered me through a bunch of lines to get all my supplies, including my name badge! (It's like I have a new name, which is Hermana. It is so weird to think people call me Jaclyn, and Ciara.....*shudder* it just sounds to wrong haha) Anyway the room you go through the lines in was the room where we did that orientation for Justin's mission when we dropped him off. I walked down the same stairs Madilyn fell down as a baby. Kind of funny huh? Anyway they bused me over to west campus, so I am not even at the actual MTC. West campus is specifically for those learning Spanish, which is kind of awesome. We live/study in the Wyview and Raintree apartment complexes. (no stalking Gill ;) its against the rules, and you know how I feel about rules ;) ) Then we went to a bunch of meetings to learn about the MTC, including a branch meeting. (Brach = several districts, the people you go to church with)

The rest of the week is kind of a blurrr.....I wish I could remember it more vividly.... I'll just tell you about some of the things I do everyday I guess. We have classes 10 hours a day, which is kind of a lot. It feels like I am drinking from a fire hydrant.....and getting really bad water burn on my face. We are already teaching investigators, which can be intimidating and frustrating at times. It is SO MUCH HARDER to teach with someone else. I am so used to just teaching by myself and not gonna lie I kind of miss that. It is also good though, because sometimes I just don't know what to say, also it is in another language. Every three hours or so we break to eat. The food is actually really good. I am thoroughly enjoying it. Good thing I was so stressed I lost weight before I left, because I guarantee I have gained it all back. I don't even care haha it is just delightful. My favorite part is that I don't have to cook! 

Oh here is something that stands out, on Thursday so the SECOND day there we had a meeting to meet the branch presidency. They are so great! Brother Nillson (a counselor) used to be in our stake and also coached at Orem High (go tigers!) how crazy is that? Anyway so they interviewed all the missionaries individually and then one of the presidency members ( Hermano Villamizar) took my companion in a room and pretty much just started talking to us and told us that we are the new Sister Training Leaders. Did I mention it was the second day here?! I didn't even know what that was! We found out though, because we had meetings ALL day Sunday to talk about it. Pretty much we just have to help the new sisters feel welcome, and assist in any problem situations, and do interviews, and go to a lot of meetings, and assist with checkouts, and be perfect (no joke, that is what they said) NO PRESSURE! We are just supposed to be examples I guess. It makes me wonder if I am a bit over enthusiastic at times. Example: Shouts of joy and jumping when I get letters....not very sisterly of me....oh well haha. Oh and apparently I am now the pianist. I am not all that skilled at the piano. I mean I do alright, and I can do things if I practice, but no one else here plays so..... One of the Elders who was zone leader last week kept coming up to me and being like oh and by the way you're playing this is five minutes. INCLUDING A MUSICAL NUMBER!!!! I kind of just went with it, because what else was I supposed to do haha Let me just tell you the spirit has taken control of my hands at times. It is so crazy cool! 

I  love, love, love, love, love, my district they are so great! The Elders are soooo funny....or maybe they just seem really funny, because there is not a lot here that is funny haha Also the sisters are great too! My companion I also love. Her name is Hermana Tate. She is from Orange County and is a Twin. Then there is Hermana Hooke (Hook) from Ventura and Hermana Velasco From Boise. (Don't worry I've made all the connections) Hermana Velasco and I share the same birthday! How cool is that! She JUST graduated from high school haha So yeah I am the old and "wise" one here. The Elders are 18 and 19. There is Elder Solis (Las Vegas) Elder Cruz (Oakland) Elder Teeples (Alaska) Elder Redzich (everywhere. His Parents retired to Payson. Anyone down there know them?) Elder Arevalo (Lindon) Most of the people in my mission are going to Argentina. I am the only one I have met going to Chile, like this whole entire week I haven't met one person. Also I am traveling alone, so I get to be travel leader in charge of myself hahahaha This is really funny to me. I do get to call people from the airport! Fun surprise! So expect a call between 11 and 2 next Monday. I have to buy a calling card. Please note that everytime I call someone it deducts like 150 minutes from my card, by just calling. So in other words you'd better have your phones glued to your face. I probably wont try to call a second time....not because I don't love you....just that I don't have the minutes. One card=3 calls. So yeah.... 

Sunday we had a really cool fireside....that's not the right word though......DEVOTIONAL! I don't remember their names, but it was weird and German and I can't pronounce it anyway. They were mission president/wife of the Alabama Burningham mission.  She told us something I thought was cool. She related a new missionary coming to their mission like parents having a new baby. They are so excited, and they already love the baby, and they can't wait for them to come. This was really reassuring to me, because I kind of just thought the mission president wouldn't really remember me because we have almost 300 missionaries in our mission. (silly me!) 

Oh also after the devotional we watched this talk that Elder Bednar gave at the MTC (CCM). IT WAS AMAZING! Here is something that I learned that I want to share.

There is a difference between having a testimony and being converted. You can fall away from the church if you only have a testimony, but those that are converted won't fall away. What is conversion then you ask? Conversion is being consistent to what you know, or in other words acting according to your testimony or beliefs. You can't live on borrowed light, you have to work to come closer to Christ. How are you all demonstrating your faith, testimony and conversion? "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Almoa  23:5 Mosiah 3:19
Conversion means you are getting rid of the natural man. I think one of the ways to do that is to stop turning in, and turn out and look for the needs of others. This is what I am going to work on. It is easy here to focus on how tired you are or how you just need a break, or how you feel overwhelmed or discouraged, but I know that to be a good missionary and an effective tool for Heavenly Father I need to get rid of my natural man and look for more ways to serve. I need to stop being selfish and repent=return unto God.

Oh yeah, and this Sunday I am accompanying Hermana Tate for a musical number....and I will probably have to play the piano again for sacrament meeting....good times.....

Anyway overall I am doing really well, though I am still sick! It's super annoying!!!! I'm taking my vitamins though Jennifer, so don't even worry.

Anyway I think that is all, and I need to go and get my laundry...... I miss you all so so sooooooooo much and love you even more!!!! 

Don't forget to read and pray every day!

Hermana Makin
... I will not stalk her... I will not stalk her :)

Monday Morning

  This past Monday morning I (Ciara's sister Jill) received a pretty awesome text. Someone from her high school ran into her as she was doing her service. They sent a picture of her in action. I have been missing her terribly so I was pretty excited to get it!!!
Here she is vacuuming classrooms! Our mom would be so proud!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Final farewell

August 27th, 2014

Hermana Makin  said some tearful goodbyes at home on Wednesday, August 27th and then her parents and sister Jessica (me) drove her to the MTC (missionary training center) in Provo. As we drove there I tried to lighten the silence and asked if she wanted to sing a song. She said "No, a song will make me cry". So trying to be funny, I started singing "Give Said The Little Stream"--a light-hearted children's song about giving and it's the stream that's singing so not a sad song! As I sang though I realized how fitting the words were for the situation:

"Give," said the little stream,
"Give, oh! give, give, oh! give."
"Give," said the little stream,
As it hurried down the hill;
"I'm small, I know, but wherever I go
The fields grow greener still."

"I'm TALL, I know!" I sang out, "but wherever I go the fields grow greener still". I started thinking, no matter our size, limitations, or abilities, we can make things "greener" as we "give" to others; giving service, our time, and ourselves. Just as the stream provided the necessary water for the fields, so will she be able to share the "Living Waters" with the people of Chile or wherever she may be. The scriptures use the symbolism of water: "The fountain of living waters...(are) a representation of the love of God." (Book of Mormon; 1 NE 11:25) What a beautiful blessing, to be able to share God's love with others! And because He loves us so much, He has a plan for us and has provided a Savior that we may all return to live with Him someday.

She hugged her mom, her sister (me), and then her dad. And then just like that the "Host" Elder Missionary grabbed one of her oversized bags and they started walking down the sidewalk. As she turned to leave I witnessed a complete change in her countenance. She was beaming, she seemed completely at peace, and there was no sense of fear or apprehension about what she had chosen to do.

As she hurried away I called out: "CIARA! SMILE!" and then snapped this picture:

My parting words: "Love you Cici! I mean SISTER Cici!" She smiled and walked away.

We will be looking forward to our first update about life in the MTC!

P.S. Later I remembered the last verse to "Give Said The Little Stream":

Give, then, as Jesus gives,
Give, oh! give, give, oh! give.
Give, then, as Jesus gives;
There is something all can give.
Do as the streams and blossoms do:
For God and others live.

Singing, singing all the day,
"Give away, oh! give away."
Singing, singing all the day,
"Give, oh! give away."


Ciara (now Hermana Makin) was set apart as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday night, August 26th (which happened to be her dad's birthday). Missionary rules begin! Must have a companion with you at all times, cell phone with all its distractions was laid to rest, no phone calls, etc. Basically the rules are put in place to help a missionary focus on their primary work. Final family photos: