Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Harrison (week 9)

Hello All!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRISON!!!!!! I actually get to say it on an actual birthday! I love you to pieces Bubby!!!!!!!!!
His birthday actually marks my second month on the mish. Crazy huh? Time on the misión is super weird.
So 42 e-mails this week....I about died. I only have an hour and fifteen minutes to e-mail have I mentioned that? I have started printing e-mails and then responding the following theory...when there is time, so if there is something time sensitive please put in in bold in the subject of the e-mail so that I know.
Another good week here in Chile! We had to leave a few investigators this week, which was sad, but they weren't progressing and we really want to focus on those that are ready and willing to make changes and come unto Christ. So I forgot to tell you last week that I am still in Graneros. Hermana Mota left, so that was sad. Elder Lima left too. I realize you may have never actually heard of them.....but they were in Graneros too.

I got a package in the mail this week. Thanks for the ¨letter¨Gill. The mint milano cookies didn´t even melt. It gives me hope on the chocolate front, so if someone wants to spend a lot of money on an experiment, it would be to send me chocolate in the mail and see if it melts or not. You can test the different months of the year too. I won´t even complain ;) PS everyone thought the backscratcher thing was awesome, they didn´t get that it was kind of a joke haha I loved that you printed some of the blog posts and sent them with pics. I love the ones on Mom. Best pictures ever. Someone should send them to me. Also the blog post that Ick did was so great too. Thank you for your testimony Ick, it helps me to be able to read and draw strength from that. The rest of you feel free to write things you learn or realize during the week :) Oh and Gill, make sure you spell check.....because I don´t have time for that. MMMKK? Thanks! ;)

I can´t think of more exciting things to write unfortunately......I forgot to make a list before I came to the instead I will send pics. I know how you love that :)
A few weeks ago we met a woman named Nora. She lives with her son Andres. The last few times we have gone to visit her she has been in pretty bad shape. She says she needs to go to the doctor and no one will take her. She thinks they just want her to die so they can sell the house and get money. She was almost crying. I felt so badly for her, and realized, that there isn´t really a whole lot I can do to help her. That was kind of a terrible realization. We offered of course to help her with service and such, but the people here don´t seem to be too open to that. It made me realize the importance of service. Someone once spoke about how we need to recognize and then act. A lot of people need our help, and if we are blessed with eyes to see we need to help them. I was also thinking that it is a way for us to show our brothers and sisters the love that God has for them. Even if we don´t necessarily need the help, we should allow others to help us. It helps us to learn humility and feel God´s love. How many times has someone needed to feel God´s love and didn´t because I didn´t act? Being a disciple of Christ means we need to serve those around us. So my challenge this week is not only to find someone to serve, but allow someone to serve you. Service brings blessings, so by allowing someone to serve you, you are giving them blessings.
Read and Pray Everyday!
Hermana Makin
PS I cannot belive Mom is making spudnuts this year! Why is it always when I am gone?!?!?! It´s okay Mom, I already forgive you ;)
Oh PPS can you send me some récipes like this week don´t forget or I will be killed because we have an activity next week and I am in charge of dessert.

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