Monday, September 8, 2014

Airport Goodbye (by phone... I wish it was in person)

 Today I (sister Jill) went over to my momma's house today to make sure I got to chat with Ci Ci uh... Hermana Makin before she caught her plane to go to Chile. She was able to call from the airport and I was really excited to talk with her. I heard her voice and literally almost started crying. At the end of our conversation later I really did start crying and she said she would call at Christmas and then she started crying. Kind of crazy that she is the only one from the MTC going to Chile right now. I know that it would be more comforting if there was another missionary on her flight but I know that she will manage it just fine. Her flight should get in tomorrow at 6:15 am our time. My dad called me to talk tonight and said that if he had known she was going down by herself he would have bought a plane ticket to take her down there. My dad is very caring and this would be very typical for him. He would want to make sure she makes it there safe. Hopefully he won't have a restless night of sleep tonight worrying about his baby. :)

My mom talking with Ciara while she was waiting for her plane.

While the adults are distracted with an important phone call the children destroy the house. :)

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