Monday, September 22, 2014

Spring has sprung... kind of (week 4)


I always start of saying that I miss you all, but it´s true. I miss you all, a lot!!! You are always in the back of my mind.....except when I am trying to talk, because it takes a lot of focus not to say something stupid......not going to share that story haha

Our week was super vacan (sick). Literally and figuratively. We had awesome experiences with finding people, and of course teaching. I´ll share one. We were looking for a less active members house one night among some apartment buildings. As we walked by one I had an impression that we should contact there, so I told my companion. After we found the members house, who shock of all shocks wasn´t there, she turned to me and said okay where do you want to contact. I walked back to the building where I had the impression with a little prayer in my heart, walked up to the second floor and knocked on the third door to the right. A man opened the door and let us in! This was the first time someone has ever let us in on the first encounter!!!!! Then his pareja walked in before we could even ask. They moved there two months ago and have a son. We found a family! They were super receptive too! I am excited to see what will happen.

Next story is the awkward of all awkward. It happened last night. So we went to teach Erslia the Law of Chastity. My first ever time teaching it, so I had no idea what I was doing and wasn´t much help to be honest. So there the three of us are in the corner and the whole family is doing something else in another part. Well my compy signals to them that we are going to pray, and the whole family converges. The kids, the mom and dad (Aunt and Uncle) everyone. So then we ended up teaching her with everyone listening and the Uncle had lots to say. He has had a huge change of heart and wants to stop drinking and smoking and using and come back to church. We keep praying that he will keep the same heart. I love this family! Anyway Ersilia was uncomfortable and it was uncomfortable anyway because she has a son. Oh and then her BF came over, but luckily we were done by then. Anyway it’s definitely one for the books.

So have I told you about how flirty the Chilean men are? Especially the drunk ones. They are always trying to kiss me. haha Always calling things out at me as I walk by i.e. Bella, Reina Linda etc. They wink at me too. It makes me feel super awkward. They will even honk at me from the road and yell at me from their cars. Also people are obsessed with my height. I feel a little like I am an animal in a zoo. Oh and everyone shouts things at me in English. Lots of people here want to learn, so we are going to try and start a class....which I will teach because no one in my area but me speaks English.

This is a shout out to Madilyn. I forgot to tell you, but I met Hermana Nokes my very first day in Chile. Funny right? She is a trainer of new missionaries.

English is starting to get hard, like the phrases and everything.

I love you all and God loves you too! I hope you are all preparing for General Conference! There have not always been prophets to guide us on the earth. God doth nothing before he reveals it unto his servants the prophets. They know what is coming and how to help us. Don´t take it for granted and try to pay close attention. Not a time to be multi-tasking (something of which I have definitely been guilty of). 

I love you all even more than I ever realized. Please love and take care of my babies! It kills me thinking about how I am missing them growing up. Let them know how much I love and miss them. They are the very best thing I have ever had in my whole life and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them! 

Read and Pray every day!!!! (EVERYDAY!)

Hermana Makin
Hermana Makin (Lack of pictures this week Sorry folks!)


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