Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hi... (week 26)


Well.....cambios went about just as we expected. Hermana Stringham is abandoning me :( I am sad.....also stressed. I still don't know all of the people and it is a hard sector...but I have faith that it will all work out.

Hermana Stringham is doing well. I think she is nervous about going to a new sector and leaving her first sector, but I think it is mostly because of the bikes and the dogs. She is afraid of both of those things. Oh well you should probably know that the dogs here chase cars and bikes and they get so close to the wheels that it doesn't surprise you that many of the dogs in the street are lame. I imagine more than one dog has kocked a missionary off their bike....
Anyway, we had a pretty good week here in Recreo. We are still working really hard as usual. This week we decided that we were going to have animo all week long and we did it. We found 5 nuevos this week! I don't really know if they will progress or not....but I am excited to have some new people to teach! Four of the nuevos are a family of sorts and they are very I don't know what is going to end up happening with them. 
Javier is going to the temple this week! Also we are going to challenge him to enroll in seminary and he is going to recieve the priesthood on Sunday. He is such a good egg. He is one of those investigators de oro.....and now a converso de oro! I am excited for his future. He is now in Mosiah! He set a personal goal to finish the Book of Mormon. So now my goal is to finish the Book of Mormon before he does. 
I was reading in Jesus the Christ this week and it said Jesus Christ is full of grace and truth. As I want to be more like Jesus I decided I needed to learn more about grace. I always thought it was more like an attribute one could acquire, but I came to find through my studies that it is more of like a power. We can be better because of the grace of Jesus Christ, or through the power of Jesus Christ.  There are so many scriptures that are fantastic that talk about grace too. Also I really loved the bible dictionary definition.  I loved studying it. I recommend it!
So not too much more exciting going on here. I would ask that you pray for Lorena though. She was going to go to church this week like if it was the last thing that she did because she just wants to know if it is where she is suppossed to be....and her husband invited people over again....I think he is trying to put things in the way. He is a good person....I just....well.....he thinks it's a cult and we have weird rituals or something. Anyway Lorena is starting to think it shouldn't be this hard and....I think she is loosing her desire to know.....please pray for her. She is so so great! Also you could pray for Alejandro her husband.
I miss you all quite a lot. Its really annoying. I loved all the letters I got from Mom this week. It was funny watching the Elders pulling down all the letters from the shelf and all of them being for me. (There were like 5 plus the package from Gill. Thanks Sister! Or rather...your welcome haha) They were all like what the freak! It was funny. I feel the love. You should all take advantage of me being in this zone. This one and the last one that I was in are the only ones where you get to check the mail every week. In any other zone.....well I just won't ever get mail. Like every 4 months or take advantage :)
Read and Pray Everyday!
Hermana Makin

Week 6! Cambios are coming......ah! (PS didnt this cambio go by fast!) (week 25)

Hello Family!
So I hope that I didn't give you the wrong impression with my last letter. I am doing really good! My sector is a challenge, but it's just a challenge, I don't take it personally. What I do take personally is the heat! So hot! Its okay though, we but popsicles :) They are pretty darn 20 cents American.
So we had a baptism on Saturday! It was pretty great. We had a few problems with the font, but in the end it all worked out really well :) It was a really challenging day though. I woke up sick.....again. I know right? (You can't say I´m not exercising Dad. You could say that I am not eating right, but the members here are all over that, so you can't say that either. I get plenty of protein!) Then, just the font situation was really stressful. BUT! After he got baptised Javier got up to bear his testimony and he started crying. He couldn't even talk. It was just a really sweet experience! I guess you had to be there. We had mormon messages going on during the part where he was changing his clothes and his step dad was getting emtional. Then someone told us he is a non active member. His whole family came to support him, even his sister who doesn't believe in God. His friends came too. They came to the confirmation the next day too. (With their marijuana leaf necklaces and all lol) They were really interested and everything. Javier told us that they were talking about how missionaries are so persistent and the mormons and all that and he was all well I am going to be one of them. Then started telling them about the church. Hes already a missionary! And in his confirmation the missionary thing got brought up too. Miracles people miracles!
Oh and guess what! Hna. Sheehan told me that Samuel came to church in Graneros yesterday. I about lost it! He's back! I hope the Elders take good care of him. He is apparently going to go south after this....I just hope he keeps staying strong in the church. I had a dream this week he came back fat and an then I was really worried this week.
ALSO!!!! Carlos( remember the one who couldn't leave his house) got called to be in the Young Mens presidency! My heart just fills with joy! I am so so so happy about this!
Oh! And! Lorena said she is going to go to church this next Sunday even if her husband doesn't come with her. Pray for them! She also said, I just decided to believe in the Book of Mormon....not really what we were going for when we asked her to pray for a testimony, I think she is just so afraid of the answer because she will have to change everything and her husband isn't really on board. We taught her about the Word of wisdom this week and she told us that she said it didn't make sense logically. What about self control etc. Then we read a scroipture from the bible and she was all....okay but how am I going to explain this to my husband? I think she knows it's true its just hard for her to accept it or something.
Everyday has a miracle in it, you just have to look for it. I prayed for you all a lot this week. I hope everyone is well. Keep me updated! Love you all to pieces!
Read and Pray Everyday!
Hermana Makin

More Pics...

Hermana Gracias birthday (from New Jersey)... New apartment digs, Hole in the shoe from all that walking, and bowling

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

If my birthday werent in May I would want it to be in February. I dont know why.....just so you know... (week 24)


I may not have mentioned this awhile ago, but this is no longer my favorite word. I say it way too much for it to be my favorite word. Random thought, did someone help Mom figure out the e-mail thing? I would really appreciate it. Thanks! So this week is Javiers baptism! We are pretty excited. And I am sure I mentioned it before, but it is on Valentines Day! That is the coolest....okay not really, but pretty bacan! I really like Valentines day! Hermana Stringhams Mom sent her a Valentines package this week. It was adorable. SHe was a kindergarten teacher....nuff said. She included in it pjs for me with a heart shaped straw and a pencil. It was adorable. It kind of nice to think that people think about me and are nice to me when they don't even know me. the package were conversation hearts (totally forgot about those.) and we are going to put them on top of the cupcakes that we are going to make. No one is online right now I may have to improvise a recipe. Hermana Stringham was concerned because we are making a 16 year old boy pink cupcakes with hearts on them.....I said don't worry they will be delicious. She wasn't appeased......but we will be happy when we are eating them. So two things that you could pray for this week:

1. Javier

2. That we can find new people to teach......we spend a lot of time outside......on a positive note though, the temperature is decreasing! I think fall is upon us! Watch, now it will be really hot again tomorrow haha 

One last random thing.....I hate ants so so much! I know its wrong to hate, but I really really do. We have a big problem. We have tried everything! FYI foot powder is awesome for ants. We tried it this morning on an infestation on the patio and.....they did not like it.

Anyway there just isn't too much more to tell. We aren't finding a lot of new people to teach and you already know about Javier. I do want to say that I love you all very much, and I am very thankful for all of your prayers. I know they are what keep me going when it is 100 degrees outside and my feet hurt and my water bottle is empty. Its the reason why I keep going and don't get discouraged. God answers your prayers. I just want you to know that. I hope that you can all feel my love for you all the way down here in Chile. Like it or not your stuck with me forever muahaha. Isn't that great how that all works out? Miss you lots! Talk to you again next Monday!

Read and Pray Everyday!

Hermana Makin

Sorry I didnt write last week......... (week 23)


First of all, I am just going to give a shout out to the February Birthdays. First to my amazing dazling Marissa. and Next for Jimmy and Rob. (Sorry, it would just be weird to call you dazling.) Hope you three have a happy birthday!!!!!!

Hi family! I hope you had a good week....though I hear that some people got sick.......but not from the clean club haha jk. Anyway we had a pretty good week this week. Are you ready for the most ridiculous story ever? Here is goes.....

We woke up one morning this week and we were very unexcitedly getting started on our morning exercises.....when Hermana Gracia comes in our room and tells us there is a huge spider in the shower. Of course my mind went right to tarantula, but don't worry it wasn't. It was a rather large spider though. Big enough that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to kill it with one blow and I didn't want to anger it and let it attack me (I will try and add a photo, but the camera really didn't do it justice.) Anyway so we all four were standing there by the bathroom door, and no one wanted to kill it, but someone had to kill it because we all had to shower.....big dilema right? We didn't even have any chemicals because we ran out of those. So we decided to call the comisarios. They are the Elders who are in charge of house stuff. I called them because well it was just ridiculous and no one else would because it is embarrasing. ANYWAY I told them they couldn't laugh and then I told them about the situation. They were actually really good and didn't laugh. That is worth gold stars in heaven as Grandma would say. So they were all okay we will be there in 15 min.....and 30 minutes later they arrived. One of them was in a jumpsuit.....I think he was mocking us. BUT! They came armed, and now the large spider esta en el mundo de los espiritus. Anyway is turned out to be un araƱa de rincon which is a deadly spider here. (Dont worry Dad we sprayed today.) It bites you and they your skin starts disintegrating. You can google it if you want. Anyway kind of funny right?

So I have told you about Javier right? He is getting baptised on the 14th of this month. It is going to be the best Valentines day ever! Well this one or last years, because last years Valentines Day was like the best day EVER! You all know how I feel about Valentines day. Hermana Stringham was surprised haah but we found strawberry cake mix at the store today also heart shaped is going to be an awesome day!!! Anyway Javier, he is already almost done with 2 Nephi and we didn't invite him to read from the beginning, he just wanted to. Pray for him, and that his Mom continues to cooperate and such. Shes supportive.....but then not.....idk how to explain it.

Then there is Lorena. She is so interested in the church, and she wants to start going and she accepted an invitation to be baptized (okay I am loosing my spelling it with an s or z in english?) but she doesn't want to do it without her husband. She wants a united family. We did a fast for Alejandro on Sunday. Hopefully his heart is open to the spirit. He's not uninterested....he's just not looking like she is. Anyway they have two adorbale little girls and Lorenas best friend is a member. She served in the temple square mission actually.

Anyway not too much else I think......we spend a lot of time outside looking for people. It is a more challenging sector, but I know I can see miracles everyday. I know this transfer was inspired, and I only hope that I can live worthy of Gods trust so that he can guide me to the people here who are ready for the gospel.

I love you all muy mucho! Hope you are enjoying your cold weather (besides Jess). It is really hot here. Like 34 lately (or so they tell me) which is just hot when you are in the sun all day. Thank goodness for the wind. It is my best friend and worst enemy (I have had a few Marilyn moments.....okay a lot more than a few. What's a sister suppossed to do?)

Oh and another random thing. I just got a letter from Mom in the mail and it is from November! How crazy is that? Some of them take forever I guess........

Read and Pray Everyday!

Hermana Makin

More Pictures (week 22)

Last day in Graneros... Maria's baptism... and other photos

Building Character (week 21)

Hello All!

Well, this was a character building week. I left my awesome sector.....sad day, (I am okay now though, it feels like that was an eternity ago.) and made the long (note the sarcasm because the quote button isnt working right now) journey to Rancagua. I am in Recreo....which is actually the name of the ward, but also a major street in Rancagua. My sector in Graneros was booming! SO much going on, and I got here to recreo....and well its just not quite the same. Hermana Stringhams companion went home in the middle of last transfer (which was planned, she left with Hermana Villanueva) and so she got put in another trio who work in another ward. SO basically she hasn't been able to work much in her sector, and everyone started dying....for various reasons. So when I got here we didn't have quite as much going on. Apparently it is not normally super great here, the people here are just harder and kind of ruder (not all of them, just some). So we spent a lot of time walking around outside, in the sun, and knocking on doors and trying to find people to teach. In Graneros, no one really had cars so you could just talk to people in the street, but here everyone has cars, and contacting people in houses is just harder. The people open the door and say yeah what do you want (reminds me of someone haha) Anyway I just still feel like I am meant to be here for some reason, so I am not at all discouraged, don't even worry. I am loving being here. Also I love my companion. She is the best. We have lots of fun. 

So I did a fast this week for our sector, and that day we had awesome miracles! I have a testimony of fasting even though sometimes it can be a challenge. The bad news is that I got sick, dehydration or something haha and got really dizzy and then threw up in a members house.....and all the Elders were there that was an experience haha I know you all wanted to know. Yes I am taking care of myself Jennifer :)

So Jenny the one from Graneros gave us an awesome reference for a teenager named Javier. So we taught him this week and he came to church on Sunday! He didn't used to believe in God, and now he does after getting to know Jenny and her family. That is how awesome they are at living the gospel. If you live the gospel the way you are supposed to it just converts people to the truth because they can see how it works in your life.

Anyway not too much else....interview with the president this week......OH! I felt my first earthquake this week! It was in the middle of the night. (February is earthquake month) PS they don't call everything an earthquake here they call the little ones temblores and the big ones terremotos. Anyway so I didn't respond in the way I thought I would. I woke up and I could tell everything was shaking and then I literally thought, well I don't think anything will fall on my head and went back to sleep. I was sooooo tired. It was a day when we didn't have any lessons I think. Kind of funny right? I thought I would be totally freaking out....apparently I respond to things differently in different countries (Spain).

Remember God loves you, and he is willing to help you always!

PS Shout out this week to Jen and Jo Jo for their birthdays!!! Also to Gunnarkins! I cannot even believe that he is two.......I may cry about that. I am on board with Jill now, TEENY TINY!

Read and Pray Everyday!

Ill go where you want me to go dear Lord over Mountain or Plain or sea.... (week 20)


Hello my dearest darlingest family! I read all of your emails (except one person who forgot........) and I just feel happy that you are my family. It sounds like you all had a pretty challenging week this week, and I am sorry for that, but I just can't help but think that things are going to get better. Challenges make us stronger and teach us so much! There is a rhyme and reason for everything. This week was also a big challenge for me as well. It was quite stressful, but I made it through!

So on Friday we had our ward activity. The missionaries were in charge....or rather me and my companion. Probably our fault haha because we are just kind of take charge people. You know how I like to plan. Anyway it was a talent show and we had a few challenges with getting people to sign up....and then to actually follow through, but it turned out so great! We even had non members participate! There is a joven in our ward whose name is Sebastian. He is SUPER shy and doesn't talk a whole lot. We were surprised when he came up to us and told us he was going to play the guitar and sing. Anyway he played his song, and you should have seen his face after. I wish I had a picture. I have never seen a smile so big! Anyway it was a big hit. Carlos even came and made Sopaipillas (YUM!). Remember how I told you about Carlos? He's the one that went to church and hasn't missed a Sunday yet! It was a really fun night.

And Saturday we had a baptism! Maria Angelica got baptised! I am very happy for her. I pray she keeps getting support from the ward. We had to plan that too (obviously). President and Sister Warne came so that was cool. Hermano Patricio sang. No one knew, but his voice is awesome. Erlly spoke which he has never done before. It was just awesome to see people magnifying their talents. So awesome!

So this week was Hermana Wilsons last week. QUE TRIIIIISSSSSTTTTTEEEE (that is something I say all the time, but like with expresion and not in a very serious way, but serious on this occasion.)I am so beyond sad. We worked so well together, so insync and all that jazz. Her parents are here as you probably know and so she will be here for another week. I was thinking about how she ended her mission really awesome with a bang up ward activity and a baptism....

So this was the last week of the transfer (6 weeks) and we were anxiously (well mostly me) waiting by the phone for Elder Garzon to call us to tell us what was going to happen. Well it was like 10 min to the hour when we weren't allowed to call anymore so I called him and was all yo dude who is my new companion, but in Spanish so it did not sound anything like that. He started off by trying to be all funny and he says Hermana Wilson is leaving and her new companion is her mom (but in a long drawn out kind of way) Then I said yeah Elder who is my new companion? Who is coming? And he goes and Hermana Makin is also leaving. She's going to Recreo (its like Rancagua Central) That would be when I went into shock. There were a few tears but not many because the spirit was there comforting me and wouldn't even let me cry. I was so so so so so shocked! Of all the scenarios I imagined, my leaving was not one of them. My new companion is Hermana Stringham. She is from my group. (The one that I think looks like Madilyn haha) I am really excited to work with her, but I cannot belive I am leaving Graneros. I was sure I was going to break the 9 month record. I am so sad for all the people I am going to leave. The people I am teaching..... We went over to say goodbye to Cristobal and Fransica last night and in the prayer he asked that I would still be able to come to their wedding. (April) Which I won't because we aren't allowed to do Camila is getting baptised in a few weeks too. So sad to miss it! Oh and Julia! We just found here and she is of gold seriously! She told us last night that she didn't even know why she let us in because she usually doesn't do that. Usually all the missionaries  (J.W. and LDS) stand at the door...... Anyway they are whitewashing my sector and bringing in two Elders......

I know that everything happens for a reason, and 'Im not exactly sad, but the sector is just to good right now and I don't want to leave it! I think its better to leave not wanting to than being glad to leave though. Anyway lots of packing to do today! Hopefully everything fits! I said this morning to Hermana Sheehan Where is my Dad? Because well....he is just so good at that haha

Oh and Hermana Cano left too! I am so sad about it. She is going home to Colombia. She has been with me since I got here! She arrived to Graneros the same day I did. And poor Hermana Sheehan is staying here all alone. I am abandoning her without even wanting to!
Well this does remind me of my mission scripture: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.
Read and Pray Everyday!
The Eternally Happy
One and Only

Belated Blast of Pictures