Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dog Attacks, the plague, and alcohol.....this is the craziest week yet! (Week 10)

Hello Everyone!

Before I forget, my pday next week is Tuesday, just so you don´t run wild with yoru imaginations or get unnecessarily angry or sad.

First the plague. I sent you the picture and it is actually a lot worse now, that was last Monday. It is also on my legs and feet. Not like all over, but everyday some spots come to join the family. It looks like some of them are starting to shrink so that´s good. Anyway I told the nurse and she checked it out and told me it was fleas. Laugh it up people laugh it up. I know Jill is possibly dying right now, and maybe Dad too. And no I have not been carrying around my flea collars, but yes now I have one in my bag, but it doesn´t matter because it didn´t end up being fleas. The Elders came and fumigated our house like 10 min before going to that was fun. Hermana Villanueva almost died haha. Then the bed was sprayed and all of  my bedding was washed. Flea collars were added to my pack. Anyway it wasn´t fleas because none of that worked. I have no idea what it was. My compy kept saying tiene un peste....and I thought I knew what it meant but just to be sure I looked it up, and yep....plague. Anyway we will see....the nurse said she would look up Little red bumps on the internet. I told her she might find some interesting stuff lol
So a dog tried to attack me this week. It just so happened to be diablito. I told you that dog is of the devil. I am now less fond of dogs if that is even possible. It was the day after Halloween and we were walking to the church to clean the egg off the chapel. I was talking to Hmna Sheean and then I looked down and there was the dog and it had it´s head all cocked forward and angry looking and I was a tad bit nervous, so I just kept walking trying my best to give it some room, and next thing I knew it had jumped at me. It tried to bite me and all that, but Hmna Villanueca is like my body guard or something, and scared it away. It was traumatizing to say the least. I HATE THAT DOG!
So I may or may not have had alcohol this week......I am not sure. We were at a members house for lunch. She served us desert and it happened to be ice cream, so I was happily eating it, because hello, ice cream. Anyway after a minute or to my comp asked her what it was and she started to explain and well it sounded like the sauce on the ice cream may have contained alcohol, also the ice cream. It was kind of fuzzy for the both of us, but we stopped eating it. Now in my recommend interviews I will have to respond I think so haha Kind of funny though, since it was a member......
We had this crazy lesson this week with a less active member and it started off with her telling us that she didn´t want us to come to her house inviting her to go to church . She said lots of stuff, but basically she was mad. I was all um.....I have no idea what to say, I want to run and hide, but well that wasn´t an option. She thought I didn´t understand her, so she pretty much said all of the stuff to my comp which was fine with me, I was all for playing dumb. I was glad I had a comp at that moment. It was like a make it or break it moment. Then we ended up teaching her anyway (I was surprised) and she bore her testimony and felt the spirit and we have another appointment this week. I guess you had to be there, but it was crazy! I was freaking out mostly because I was thinking how am I going to manage this when my trainer is gone? What is I am the senior companion or trainer? Mostly because EVERYONE keeps telling me that I am going to be training next cambio. Like half of the hermanas are leaving in december and january (the initial rush after the announcement) and there are a lot of new hermanas and everyone says I speak really well, and so I guess that means I am going to train. There are like 30 hermanas arriving in December. Lots of pressure being a trainer.....
Oh there was another funny drunk man experience. Well, really just sad to see someone so out of sorts, but funny because it was beyond awkward. This man is walking his bike up the road and he stops (we were waiting outside a house with another member) and says you are very pretty. I was all thanks. Then he goes I like pretty women. You are really pretty. I was baptised by a pretty woman. There was other stuff in between, but that was pretty much it. Anyway it was awkward.
Oh and another non drunk moment from a man. We were walking down the road and this man on his bike was all excuse me, excuse me I have a question. Where are you from. I told him the US and he was all are all the women from your country beautiful? I didn´t respond, because I had no idea what to say to that either. The Chileans really like Gringos. Better than being hated right? Glad I don´t look as ugly as I feel haha.

Anyway I love you all to pieces! I hope you have a good week this week! Kiss my babies a trillion times!

Read and Pray everyday!

Hermana Makin

PS Question of the week, since I don´t have time for a soap box:

What are you doing everyday to help my children come closer to Christ? Since I love them more tan anything on the planet and recognize this as the most important thing for them to do, I have to ask. :)

PPS Hope you had an awesome Halloween! Kudos to Jo for sending photos....the rest of you however........
tiene un peste aka the plague

This is what she does on P Day....not very relaxing.... Nuestra Selva aka the backyard

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