Sunday, November 23, 2014

Yogurt here comes in bags did I mention that? It is also more like thick milk haha Great for smoothies! (Week 11)

Hello Dear Ones,

I had another good week in Chile! We worked really hard as usual! Numbers don´t always mean something, but this week we had 25 lessons and 52 contact, which may not mean anything to you, but that is a lot! We also had an awesome mision conference yesterday. All of the missionaries gathered in Rancagua and Elder Christensen and his wife spoke. He is in the presidency of the seventy. The whole mission gasthering has never happened.....well I'm guessing at one point, but in no ¨living¨ missionary memory.

This week we had lunch at Hna. Fanny House. Her sister Soraya made us an American meal, it was awesome. Potatoes and gravy, rolls, and meat. Just like home! It was tasty! We had our Thanksgiving a little early haha Someone had better eat some banana cream pie for me. 

Last Monday, the cookies were a hit! Thanks for the recipe Mom! It was kind of an experiment though, because they don´t measure the same here. So we had to kind of eyeball it, and that has never been my forte. They still turned out though! PS They don´t exactly do baking powder, or baking soda. Well they do one of the two, I just don´t know which it was that we put in. Also they don´t do real like measuring cups and spoons, they use actual cups and spoons, so it was really fun, lets just say that. 

On Saturday was a baptism of an adorable girl in the ward, Daniela. I helped with the musical number. She sang and I played. Her Mom cried. I am also like the designated piano player in the ward too. I play every Sunday, so if I haven´t said it before, thank you mom for making me practice :) 

I did a number on my back this week. It hurt so bad! It is mostly better now, but just to give you an idea, I took my pills and they didn´t do much. We kept working though, because that is what I am here for. Also I got sick again yesterday. Hna Villanueva too. It is some kind of flu thing. We feel much better today. We still went out to teach yesterday though, but after our first lesson (which was really more like taking turns running to the bathroom) we decided we had better go home. Apparently my throwing up is going to be an occurance every transfer haha (I know you all wanted to hear about that haha) The mission President actually called this morning and asked how we were, and Hna. Villanueva who usually says ¨super bien¨said something else, which I think surprised him. We asked him why he had called and he said it was just because he thought he should call. We kind of think it was for something else, but he is a very inspiried President. We love him and Hna Warne too. 

Did I forget ot remind you all about Brooke and Bri Bri and their birthday last week? I remembered, but I think I forgot to remind you all. It looks like you all had fun at their party though! 

Well I love you all very much! I hope you are all doing well! Love you!!!!!!!

Read and Pray everyday! (EVERYDAY!)

Hermana Makin

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