Monday, October 20, 2014

Send her emails!!! (Week 8)

Hey Everyone,
This week we had Zone Conference with President and Sister Warne. That was good. Learned lots of stuff. The Assistants are really funny, so it was entertaining. Sister Warne made pumpkin bread, which was awesome!
This week we had an awesome ward activity. The six missionaries in Graneros planned it. It was based on 1 Nephi 8. Did you all study that? It´s really good. Anyway its the whole Lehi dream chapter. We had cord that we wound around the chapel and people had to follow it blindfolded to get to the tree of life, which was a Christmas tree with chocolate cookie cream center things. I forget their name. I don´t actually know the name of most of the foods here actually. There were people reading different verses at different parts, and then at the very end temptors. I was surprised, but a lot of people fell astray, which was actually really good for our object lesson. Anyway at the end, one of the members explained the importance and all six of us bore our testimonies. It was really powerful. One of the little girls was crying because she didn´t get to the end. Someone told her to let go and she did. It was a girl of a less active family we met last Sunday. We went out and found them and taught them and asked them to come back to church. We told them about the activity last Sunday and they remembered AND CAME to the activity. Then they called us to tell us that family unexpectedly showed up and they wouldn´t be able to make it to church and rescheduled our appointment with them! That NEVER happens! Usually people just don´t answer the door, or the phone or make up really lame excuses. Anyway the activity was one of my favorite things so far from the mish.
Maria called us this week (the one who was supposed to get baptized with her son). She told us that she really did want to get baptized still, but she was having problems with her husband, and he was not liking us or something.....its hard to understand people on the phone, but that was the jist. We are going to go back and visit her, but wait a couple of weeks till things cool down.
Samuel called us yesterday (the recent convert who went awol). He said he found work and he wanted to change his environment, because he doesn´t ever want to be less active (what a good egg). So that was good. We still miss teaching him though, and his sister who was the other baptism that fell through I can tell misses him too. We weren´t able to teach her last week which was sad. We had an appointment, but when we showed up.....she had left, which was weird because we talked to her an hour before and she was all for it.......missionary struggles.....
I forgot to wish Weldon a happy birthday last week, I am probably going to forget birthdays....don´t be mad when I do people, but I won´t miss Harrisons, next Monday, I am determined to remember it in my email. Please note I don´t actually forget on the actual day, just in the email. So anyway hope you had a happy birthday Weldon. It reminds me of last year when I came over and Emma said: You know you are only invited because you came over. For the full funny story ask Jo.

So Jennifer said in an email a few weeks ago that it is kind of like talking to yourself, until you get a response (emailing) and I wholeheartedly agree. Mostly I fell like I'm talking to myself, because no one really comments on my work on that ;)

So did I tell you about Samuels friends that got lost in the mountains for days? They were found and no one died, but some of them fell 18 meters! We were praying really hard for them. Funny thing is that they were looking for Samuel to go with them, but he left right before they came for......I don´t even actually know where he is.
I also had exchanges this week. It was actually super lame in a funny way. Lame because the assistants had to switch us back because one of the Hnas is leaving and they had to do some paperwork early in the morning. So it was only for like 4 hrs.
We got kicked out of a ¨house¨ this week. I use quotes because we weren´t actually in a house. It was like a patio.....but that is a really over generalized Word. So anyway we went in to teach and then a man came out of his apartment who was an Evangelical and was saying this man is stupid he'
s crazy we are all the same religión here, why are you bringing this in, its only going to cause problems, there is the door.....yeah real disciple of Christ right there. The poor man we were rude!

Elder Nelson is coming to Chile to hold a Conference so that is exciting. I am not actually sure if the choir we are doing is for that or not...I think it is for stake conference which is this weekend. We aren´t sounding half bad actually. Should be pretty good.

What did everyone do for fall break?

Spiritual Thought: I had a thought come to me this week. Every time you read from the Book of Mormon, your testimony should be strengthened. Every time! So, if it isn´´re doing it wrong haha Read with a purpose :)

Well I love you all, and have been praying for you too! Hope you have a great week!

Read and Pray everyday!

Hermana Makin
Hermana Makin with the Mission President and his wife the day that she arrived.

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  1. I promise you that you are not talking to yourself! The Makin Cla and MANY others are reading every one of your blog posts :) We miss you and have an evil plan to send you some snail mail (which includes getting some order in this house of organized chaos). Te amo mucho. Trabaja mucho! Ten cuidado ... Besos Hermana Makin. Mucho amor, Hermana Makin UNO (Ha Ha Ha o Ja Ja Ja) :)