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I forgot to wish Aubrie a Happy Birthday in my last letter, so now I am late.......epic fail. I kept thinking about her on Friday and wishing she wouldn´t grow up while I was gone. Someone kiss her face off for me! Or all of you haha LOTS OF LOVE FROM CHILE BRIE BRIE!!!!!! Gill has your present for the next time you come down. (Don´t forget Gill ;) )

Man, I miss you guys sooooooo much! The mission life is pretty good. It has been quite overwhelming actually. Nothing here is the same as the US.....there isn´t even a McDonalds. Isn´t that weird? I mean I don´t actually like McDonalds, but it´s just weird.

So anyway, by the title of my e-mail you can tell that I have had an interesting week, and it really has been quite interesting....

Starting off let me tell you about how awesome the people are here! So kind and loving and welcoming. We have a few investigators. I challenged one of them to be baptized this week, which was awesome. She accepted and the plan in October 11th. Her family is really oppossed which is kind of weird because they are so nice when we come over and listen to lessons and are actually less active members and all that. Her brother is a recent convert too.....there are family problems there I think. The Dad actually just left like of Friday which is super sad! They are really poor, like house out of cardboard poor :( Anyway her name is Resilia. She has a little boy named......Benjamin? I think that´s his name. There are other people we are teaching that are Evangelicals.....everytime people here that they are all like.....good luck with that, but all the Evangelicals I have met have been really receptive.....I guess it´s only week one, but I am still optimistic! 

So let me tell you about my first day. It was crazy! I was soooo tired, with the lack of sleep on the plane and everything. I would lay down until my hip started hurting and wake up and have to switch positions. That happened a lot so I was really tired. Then I went to a new missionary orientation. I didn´t come in the middle of a transfer Gill ;) so you can be happy about that haha Then we ate completos which are like poor people hot dogs haha Then I went to my new area which is Graneros. It´s close to Rancagua. We went shopping which I may have mentioned was traumatic. I almost started crying in the store. It´s because I was tired haha So many new things and I had no idea what to buy. It all worked out though. PS did I mention nothing is the same? Major culture shock people, but don´t worry, the church is still true. Oh yeah and the power was out the first night....well actually, the office forgot to pay the bill. It was really cold!!!! Oh and let me tell you about the drunk people.....

After I e-mailed you last, we were walking down the road and this drunk man grabbed my arm (I had no idea he was drunk) It´s okay don´t worry I Crissy´d him haha He kept saying that he needed to ask me a question. So there I was on the street, so confused, and my companion skillfully maneuvered us away. I had to ask her what in the world had just happened, and she told me he was drunk. I find it all quite funny. I have never actually seen a drunk person before, but there are a plethora of them in our sector. It happened again later that night as we were walking home. I recognized it after a few seconds though. I thought I was pretty good at spotting and avoiding them after that, but then I tried to make a contact with one yesterday haha so......I guess I need some more practice. 

This week everyone will be drunk because the 18th is like the patriotic celebration day or something. Oh and last week there was a protest on the 11th....something to do with the US? I don´t really know. We had to come home early so we cut the grass which was like up to my knees. It was really bad. We used big scissor yard was kind of a long extended kind of way.

Oh other funny thing, there is a Heineken beer cup in our house. I don´t know why but I thought it was really funny. 

Oh, THEY HAVE ICE CREAM!!!!!! I was so excited haha The bread here is also super delicious and the cookies! Oh my lanta! The members feed us lunch everyday and the portion sizes are HUGE! Like really really large amounts! Like, you eat until you feel sick. It´s always pasta I´m going to be fat when I get home haha (NO RUDE COMMENTS WHEN I GET BACK ;) ) It´s okay though, because Gill and I can Bay Watch haha So my whole I´ll walk it off in Chile mantra.....not so much. We do walk a ton!!!! Our sector is huge, but I don´t think it´s going to be enough. Extra prayers for my hips please, because I think that may become a big problem. Don´t worry Mom I have my drugs :)

I told you about the dogs already that are everywhere!!!!! You can guess what else is everywhere learn to watch your step! Also the Chileans love their cats. Everyone has at least that´s been fun. Let´s just say I keep the Kleenex nearby. 

Another cool thing, I think a General Authority is coming for Stake Conference. We are doing a choir for it. It´s actually really sad, because there are a lot of tone deaf people, but the spirit is there and that is all that matters right?

Remember to rely on the Lord, his atonement isn´t just for our sins, but our weaknesses and our trials too. Above all never loose the faith!!!

Read and pray everyday!

Hermana Makin

P.S. I miss you more than I miss hot showers, which is saying quite a lot! Apparently there is a way to trick the faucet......but so far no luck :/

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