Monday, October 20, 2014

Send her emails!!! (Week 8)

Hey Everyone,
This week we had Zone Conference with President and Sister Warne. That was good. Learned lots of stuff. The Assistants are really funny, so it was entertaining. Sister Warne made pumpkin bread, which was awesome!
This week we had an awesome ward activity. The six missionaries in Graneros planned it. It was based on 1 Nephi 8. Did you all study that? It´s really good. Anyway its the whole Lehi dream chapter. We had cord that we wound around the chapel and people had to follow it blindfolded to get to the tree of life, which was a Christmas tree with chocolate cookie cream center things. I forget their name. I don´t actually know the name of most of the foods here actually. There were people reading different verses at different parts, and then at the very end temptors. I was surprised, but a lot of people fell astray, which was actually really good for our object lesson. Anyway at the end, one of the members explained the importance and all six of us bore our testimonies. It was really powerful. One of the little girls was crying because she didn´t get to the end. Someone told her to let go and she did. It was a girl of a less active family we met last Sunday. We went out and found them and taught them and asked them to come back to church. We told them about the activity last Sunday and they remembered AND CAME to the activity. Then they called us to tell us that family unexpectedly showed up and they wouldn´t be able to make it to church and rescheduled our appointment with them! That NEVER happens! Usually people just don´t answer the door, or the phone or make up really lame excuses. Anyway the activity was one of my favorite things so far from the mish.
Maria called us this week (the one who was supposed to get baptized with her son). She told us that she really did want to get baptized still, but she was having problems with her husband, and he was not liking us or something.....its hard to understand people on the phone, but that was the jist. We are going to go back and visit her, but wait a couple of weeks till things cool down.
Samuel called us yesterday (the recent convert who went awol). He said he found work and he wanted to change his environment, because he doesn´t ever want to be less active (what a good egg). So that was good. We still miss teaching him though, and his sister who was the other baptism that fell through I can tell misses him too. We weren´t able to teach her last week which was sad. We had an appointment, but when we showed up.....she had left, which was weird because we talked to her an hour before and she was all for it.......missionary struggles.....
I forgot to wish Weldon a happy birthday last week, I am probably going to forget birthdays....don´t be mad when I do people, but I won´t miss Harrisons, next Monday, I am determined to remember it in my email. Please note I don´t actually forget on the actual day, just in the email. So anyway hope you had a happy birthday Weldon. It reminds me of last year when I came over and Emma said: You know you are only invited because you came over. For the full funny story ask Jo.

So Jennifer said in an email a few weeks ago that it is kind of like talking to yourself, until you get a response (emailing) and I wholeheartedly agree. Mostly I fell like I'm talking to myself, because no one really comments on my work on that ;)

So did I tell you about Samuels friends that got lost in the mountains for days? They were found and no one died, but some of them fell 18 meters! We were praying really hard for them. Funny thing is that they were looking for Samuel to go with them, but he left right before they came for......I don´t even actually know where he is.
I also had exchanges this week. It was actually super lame in a funny way. Lame because the assistants had to switch us back because one of the Hnas is leaving and they had to do some paperwork early in the morning. So it was only for like 4 hrs.
We got kicked out of a ¨house¨ this week. I use quotes because we weren´t actually in a house. It was like a patio.....but that is a really over generalized Word. So anyway we went in to teach and then a man came out of his apartment who was an Evangelical and was saying this man is stupid he'
s crazy we are all the same religión here, why are you bringing this in, its only going to cause problems, there is the door.....yeah real disciple of Christ right there. The poor man we were rude!

Elder Nelson is coming to Chile to hold a Conference so that is exciting. I am not actually sure if the choir we are doing is for that or not...I think it is for stake conference which is this weekend. We aren´t sounding half bad actually. Should be pretty good.

What did everyone do for fall break?

Spiritual Thought: I had a thought come to me this week. Every time you read from the Book of Mormon, your testimony should be strengthened. Every time! So, if it isn´´re doing it wrong haha Read with a purpose :)

Well I love you all, and have been praying for you too! Hope you have a great week!

Read and Pray everyday!

Hermana Makin
Hermana Makin with the Mission President and his wife the day that she arrived.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hola Familia (Week 7)

Hola Famlia!
We had a great week this week. Taught lots of lessons and made lots of contacts. Met some awesome people and such. It occurred to me this week (because I'm a Little slow) that I am living in a foreign country! I live here! It was a weird realization. (Don't get all sad Gill.) Anyway its kind of an interesting thing living in a foreign country.

It is week six here, which means that cambios are this week! Yikes! I doubt I will go anywhere, but ya never know!
So this week we were taking a colectivo (kind of like a taxi but cheaper) back from Rancagua where we had a meeting. This guy starts talking to us about Joseph Smith. So Hermanan gives him the rundown of the first lesson and then he says but why did he have to be an American? Why couldn't he have been from Columbia or Peru etc. Then he says that he thinks it is a conspiracy from the US government etc. It was crazy and super awkward because I was sitting in the front seat and the other hnas were in the backseat. I guess you had to be there, but afterwards I was thinking, and isn't it awesome that we have testimonies? To have had the privilege of being born into the góspel and being raised in it? We don't have to question and it isn't new and wow what a blessing!
Then the other hnas (Mota and Cano) had this experience this week where this Evangelical was shouting at them that they needed to leave the church. They were all we invite you to read and pray to find your answer and he was all and I invite you to leave your church! Its not as funny in English....but we were laughing about it. (Don't worry Dad, they aren't ever aggressive or anything, I'm safe stop worrying!)
I decided that I am going to try and write more snail mail in my free time (lol) I really have no free time. The misión life is quite structured! I got four snail mail letters today it was awesome! I feel so loved! Also I recieved the target bag from that lady.....I don{t know her name :/ I may have teared up haha. I hate that I am so emotional sometimes. You guys always make me cry....but in happy ways! I was overjoyed about the ear plugs! Thank you! I now want to kill the dogs and my companion a Little less. Oh and the dang man with his horn! Heaven help me! So I am a Little more sane now haha
Speaking of dogs.....there is this dog I have to tell you about. I HATE IT!!! Every time we walk past the house (which is a lot because it is on the same Street as us) he freaks out and yips and yips and yips! I want this dog to disappear! I have named it Diablito (Little devil) because it is evil! I silently wish harm upon it as we walk by everyday. There was a week there when he couldn't really bark, I guess he was sick, but I thought it was because of my magical powers or something haha  now I am a Little nicer and only point and glare.

So yesterday was super fome! Like really horrible. It just was plain crappy. We found out that Samuel our recent convert of a Little more than a month flew the coop! He went to the fifth región (we are in the sixth and there are 12 or 13 in Chile) I guess he was looing for work, but he didnt tell anyone. The only reason we know is because a bishop from up there called to find out about him. So good news is he went to church! Bad news is that he is depressing. You kind of grow attached to the people and such. (I understand your pain Gill ;) ) Then we found out right before that, that two of our investigators with baptismal dates apparently don't want to get baptized anymore. They said that they have had so many trials lately and they realized it was when they started meeting with the that was terrible. Then our other baptismal date fell, because the girl didn't show up for church again, and she hasn't stopped smoking. She has been super evasive this week. (Always full of excuses.) and then our fourth didnt come to church either.....all in all....sad sad day. PS we found all of this out right before ending our fast for words 

Anyway, please try and take care of yourselves! If you could stop visiting the ER and getting sick that would be wonderful. Please pray for our investigators. We are trying so hard to be obedient, but the adversary is giving it his all too.

Preacher Moment: Always go to church! The only reason not to go is if you are sick. Never get out of the habit. There are so many people here who just don't go to the chapel. Of the 700 plus people in the Ward only 94 attended church yesterday. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT!!! So, go to church, renew your covenants! Remember, when you were baptized, you promised God that you would take on Christs name.That means you promised to follow the example he left for us. You said you would try and be like him, that is a big deal. So be good disciples and go to church haha Okay I will step down from my depressing soap box.

I love you all muy mucho! (Dont actually say that to people, its bad gramar haha) Take care of my babies, and make them stop growing and as always....

Hermanan Makin

PS Last week you all broke your record 36 e-mails! This week you also broke your record 22 e-mails haha It was nice to take more time to read this week haha

PPS That is not an invitation to try and break either record!

I am wearing pants and I found peanut butter! It´s a great day to be alive! (Week 6)

We had a zone activity today, so I got to wear jeans!!!! I am have never been so jazzed about this in my life. Ask my comp, I was giddy. ALSO THEY HAVE PEANUT BUTTER!!!! ´nuff said. It was another great week here is Chile! I discovered just how small Graneros really is now that I have become more acquainted with Rancagua. I would equate it to Mountain Home minus the Walmart, but with a lot more people. We entered a store here in Rancagua this week and I was in shock. Ask the Hermanas. I thought my head was going to explode! It seemed more like homeish (emphasis on the ish). PS ice cream is like 8 dollars a I pretty much gave that up on site. We only get 20 dollars a week for food haha.
Good news, I am not getting fat! Lost my MTC weight haha. I really am not that obsessed with my weight, but it must seem like it by the amount that I talk about it. Sorry, that's super annoying. I´m one of those people now..... But on that note, I feel hungry all the time lately! (Don´t you dare say growth spurt. I will.....not do anything to you, because that isn´t Christ like haha)

As a side note, my hips have been doing awesome. I know it´s because you are praying, especially Mom I think. I know she probably prayed the hardest. She definitely knows how that is.
Before I forget! Shoutout to the birthdays this week! One Neily Boy and Hokey Pokey! Hope you have a splendid day! Make sure you tell Neil Gill.

We found a new investigator this week and it was super awesome! We were actually looking for some less active members who were supposed to live there, but it was definitely never their address. Anyway this man opens the door and says he has seen us before. We definitely had never seen him before. We went back the next day and taught him the first lesson which includes the first vision. His wife was in there and soon as I finished she got up and walked out. (It was my first time reciting it memorized in heart was POUNDING!!!) The spirit was so strong though during that lesson. He said immediately that he knew we were sent from God and that our message was true. Then we told him to pray for a confirming answer from God and he asked us what the most correct way to pray was! I was like are you messing with me right now? This is awesome! Then he said he would cancel his plans so he could meet with us again. It was awesome. As we were leaving he just kept saying that he hoped God would bless us and that people would receive us well and that he was going to pray for us. IT WAS SO AMAZING! His wife on the other hand. Not interested. She´s Evangelical through and through apparently.
Did you all enjoy Conference? I was like giddy. The spirit there was awesome! We watched the womens sesión in the morning on Saturday. I was seriously sad when it was over. Did you notice the themes? Strengthen your testimony and follow the prophet folks, something is coming!

My challenge for the week is to go to the temple. It´s more important tan anything else you have to do. Also study the topic of prayer. Read President Eyring's talk in the priesthood session last conference, it is bomb!
Coming on a mission has forever changed me, and I truly feel thankful to my Heavenly Father. He loves us all so very much. Please Foster a relationship with him. He wants to have that with you. He wants to talk to you!

I love you all so much, but as always never enough time to write it all down. Be good! Follow the prophet! Stand out in a good way! And as always.....

Read and Pray everyday!

Hermana Makin

PS Got some letters this week! I was excited! Keep sending them! Looks like it take 3-4 weeks to arrive.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The week of spiders... (week 5)

Why hello there!

Another good week here in Chile.....the bugs have started coming out though.....not so sure about this place anymore....jk First I found a spider on my bed, then there was one on the window, but my comp told me not to kill it because it was the spider that would eat the spider that could kill that was when I kind of lost it. They couldn't really explain it to me anyone want to research that? I would rather not die here. Oh and wait for the stories of all stories which I am about to tell you.

We went to teach a lesson to an investigator named Jaime. He is an older man who kind of reminds me of one NSC. He is super random sometimes and just goes off on tangents during lessons....we try not to ask too many questions. Anyway at the end of the lesson he was insistent on sharing with us some of his juice, despite our refusals. So he brings out this dirty, HUGE, cup. He hands it to Hna. Villanueva, and that was when I noticed the dead spider hanging from the rim. I tried not to freak out.... Meanwhile I am noticing this she says I can have the cup and she can use her nearly empty water bottle. So after the spider sighting, he goes and rinses it out and starts trying to get me to drink out of the cup. Joke was not on me because I had an empty water bottle. There was no way on this planet I was going to drink from my cup. Anyway Hna. Villanueva, she is super sweet and realized she had kind of thrown me under the bus and she drank from the cup. What a gem. People here feed us all the time. Sometimes it is awesome, and sometimes it is not. People keep telling me I am too thin and need to gain weight, so I think that is mostly why they keep feeding us. The way to my heart is through my stomach people, so I of course love the people to death!

There was a crazy thing that happened this week. We walked past this house this week and there were some sketchy dudes out front, then we walked by again and there was screaming and smoke and weird cracking sounds. A woman ran out with a baby. There was no spirit there. I don't know what happened, but apparently a fire.....anyway I'm not doing a good job of explaining myself, but it was scary. The dogs were barking at me....because apparently they sense that.

Oh PS annoying thing. Since there are dogs EVERYWHERE, when one starts barking then every dog around starts barking. Its soooooo annoyingly loud! My comp says that I am going to like dogs by the end but..... we shall see.

So have I told you about the Gutierrez family? I totally love them. They are a less active family. They were having some family problems and the parents separated for like a week and then something happened and they ended up working it out. They are now praying and reading as a family, everyday!!!! Isn't that exciting? Now if we could just get them to go to church! Pray for them! Their daughter whispered to us last night as we were leaving that she wants to get baptized! She is 11 I think, so that is freaking awesome! 

We had to push back the baptism date for all three of our investigators this week.....sad day.....pray for them, the adversary is real!

PS remember about the chastity lesson I told you all about last week? Well its about to get better, so we went for the next lesson and she told us she was going to move in with her boyfriend.....apparently the awkwardness distracted from the message or something haha......still don't know what is going to happen there haha.....}

I think I am getting sick again....sore throat.....this is the second freaking time! I think I forgot to tell you I had a stomach bug the week before last. We still went out and that was like death haha but the work is so important!

Oh and BTW I have not received any snail mail yet......not even the letter mom sent while I was in the I am anxiously awaiting letters. PS when I get transferred I wont ever really get mail because the office is in Rancagua and it could potentially be 4 hrs just FYI. I am as it is super close now and we have to visit the office every week for zone meetings.

I decided I am going to do a weekly challenge. Teaching the plan of salvation has really given me perspective on life. We are here on the Earth to prepare to be in Gods presence. Read that sentence again, because it is a common phrase we always say, but internalize that. This time we have in reality is super short and I would really like to be with you all in the Celestial Kingdom, so it is sooooo important to me that you honor your covenants and live a good life so we can all be one happy family, and not have anyone end up in the terrestrial or telestial kingdom. That would suck! If you don't chose to follow God in this life, in the end, in the next life, it doesn't really matter what else you picked, just that you don't get to be with your family forever.  (Matt 6:33) So hence my weekly challenge. This week I want to challenge you all to pray more, and make your prayers meaningful. YOU ARE TALKING TO GOD! Sometimes it blows my mind. You are actually talking to your creator. The one who is ALWAYS there for you. The one that cares the most. Mean what you say when you say it, don't just say it. There are sooooo many times to pray in the day, morning, night, meals, leaving the house. The best thing about the MTC was the spirit. YOU COULD ALWAYS FEEL IT! I have never in my whole life felt so calm and level headed. I had no anxiety people! NONE! It was amazing. One of the reasons you can feel the spirit so strongly is because people are always praying. EVERYWHERE! And it isn't weird. You should never feel uncomfortable praying. No one thinks you look weird if you are praying in public. Anyway pray more and report to me how it goes. Tell me what experiences you have and if it helps you with the Kiddos. Also read 1 Nephi 8 everyday. I want you to look for how it can apply to you in your life and with your family. Write down what you learn and then write to me and tell me about it. I spent an hour on in this morning and could have done more. It is super vacan! Anyway preacher moment over haha

As always, I miss you all so so so much!!! I always always think about you! Its just how it is. Usually when I'm studying the scriptures in the morning. Miss you all!

Read and Pray everyday!

Hermana Makin
Hermana Makin as a child. Don't worry people I already issued her a verbal warning for the lack of pictures. I will just have to threaten her with embarrassing pictures going forward.