Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hola Familia (Week 7)

Hola Famlia!
We had a great week this week. Taught lots of lessons and made lots of contacts. Met some awesome people and such. It occurred to me this week (because I'm a Little slow) that I am living in a foreign country! I live here! It was a weird realization. (Don't get all sad Gill.) Anyway its kind of an interesting thing living in a foreign country.

It is week six here, which means that cambios are this week! Yikes! I doubt I will go anywhere, but ya never know!
So this week we were taking a colectivo (kind of like a taxi but cheaper) back from Rancagua where we had a meeting. This guy starts talking to us about Joseph Smith. So Hermanan gives him the rundown of the first lesson and then he says but why did he have to be an American? Why couldn't he have been from Columbia or Peru etc. Then he says that he thinks it is a conspiracy from the US government etc. It was crazy and super awkward because I was sitting in the front seat and the other hnas were in the backseat. I guess you had to be there, but afterwards I was thinking, and isn't it awesome that we have testimonies? To have had the privilege of being born into the góspel and being raised in it? We don't have to question and it isn't new and wow what a blessing!
Then the other hnas (Mota and Cano) had this experience this week where this Evangelical was shouting at them that they needed to leave the church. They were all we invite you to read and pray to find your answer and he was all and I invite you to leave your church! Its not as funny in English....but we were laughing about it. (Don't worry Dad, they aren't ever aggressive or anything, I'm safe stop worrying!)
I decided that I am going to try and write more snail mail in my free time (lol) I really have no free time. The misión life is quite structured! I got four snail mail letters today it was awesome! I feel so loved! Also I recieved the target bag from that lady.....I don{t know her name :/ I may have teared up haha. I hate that I am so emotional sometimes. You guys always make me cry....but in happy ways! I was overjoyed about the ear plugs! Thank you! I now want to kill the dogs and my companion a Little less. Oh and the dang man with his horn! Heaven help me! So I am a Little more sane now haha
Speaking of dogs.....there is this dog I have to tell you about. I HATE IT!!! Every time we walk past the house (which is a lot because it is on the same Street as us) he freaks out and yips and yips and yips! I want this dog to disappear! I have named it Diablito (Little devil) because it is evil! I silently wish harm upon it as we walk by everyday. There was a week there when he couldn't really bark, I guess he was sick, but I thought it was because of my magical powers or something haha  now I am a Little nicer and only point and glare.

So yesterday was super fome! Like really horrible. It just was plain crappy. We found out that Samuel our recent convert of a Little more than a month flew the coop! He went to the fifth región (we are in the sixth and there are 12 or 13 in Chile) I guess he was looing for work, but he didnt tell anyone. The only reason we know is because a bishop from up there called to find out about him. So good news is he went to church! Bad news is that he is depressing. You kind of grow attached to the people and such. (I understand your pain Gill ;) ) Then we found out right before that, that two of our investigators with baptismal dates apparently don't want to get baptized anymore. They said that they have had so many trials lately and they realized it was when they started meeting with the that was terrible. Then our other baptismal date fell, because the girl didn't show up for church again, and she hasn't stopped smoking. She has been super evasive this week. (Always full of excuses.) and then our fourth didnt come to church either.....all in all....sad sad day. PS we found all of this out right before ending our fast for words 

Anyway, please try and take care of yourselves! If you could stop visiting the ER and getting sick that would be wonderful. Please pray for our investigators. We are trying so hard to be obedient, but the adversary is giving it his all too.

Preacher Moment: Always go to church! The only reason not to go is if you are sick. Never get out of the habit. There are so many people here who just don't go to the chapel. Of the 700 plus people in the Ward only 94 attended church yesterday. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT!!! So, go to church, renew your covenants! Remember, when you were baptized, you promised God that you would take on Christs name.That means you promised to follow the example he left for us. You said you would try and be like him, that is a big deal. So be good disciples and go to church haha Okay I will step down from my depressing soap box.

I love you all muy mucho! (Dont actually say that to people, its bad gramar haha) Take care of my babies, and make them stop growing and as always....

Hermanan Makin

PS Last week you all broke your record 36 e-mails! This week you also broke your record 22 e-mails haha It was nice to take more time to read this week haha

PPS That is not an invitation to try and break either record!

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