Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 2.....say what?!?!?!

Hola todos!

Another awesome week here! Being in the MTC is hard, but whenever I think about it as an overall thing, it mostly just seems AWESOME! You all are so great! Thank you so much for the packages and letters this week! I am sooooo spoiled. I do believe my district is starting to hate me haha.  I received four packages this week! I almost feel bad about it! Thank you so much Mom for the goodies! Everyone says thank you! Cookies and caramels, and caramel popcorn, you are an overachiever! When I opened the last box and saw the caramel popcorn I gasped and started freaking out I was so excited! Totally freaked my companion out and she got mad at me....oh well haha I was having a rather hard day on Thursday and then I got letters at the end of the night from Jen, Jess, and Jo. It was awesome. (You must have missed the memo Jill ;) ) I just sat on my bed and read them and it was nice to feel the love. The branch counselors wife walked in to check on us, and there I was crying, and loving on the little pictures Em and Sadie drew for me. Those are the best. PS I love the picture book! I showed everyone. I even made the Elders look at the pictures haha. So again, thank you for the packages and letters.

So this week we welcomed in the new missionaries. There are two teachers among the bunch. Funny right? I guess it's like a thing now. I think it went pretty well.....Not much new or exciting is happening. We still have classes 10 hours a day, and I still eat way too much food haha. I think the problem is 1. It tastes really good (not as good as yours though mom, don't even worry, no competition) and 2. You can't take any with you and you don't want to waste with the MTC food and all the goodies, they may just have to roll me out of here. Just kidding! I love it all, and I don't even care. I'll just walk it off in Chile. It's my new motto!

Something that I may not have mentioned in my last e-mail is that we are teaching lessons. I can't remember if we did or not. This week we taught a woman named Mercedes. She was so great (we are done now since I leave Monday). I think she was just an actor, but the cool thing is, you can still feel the spirit so strongly! We are also teaching our teachers who are acting. They are much more difficult to teach though. They pretend to fall asleep....which is kind of annoying. I guess they want us to know that we are boring them. I'm working on the whole inspired questions and engaging lessons thing. One time the Elders came out laughing and told us that "Jonathan" Hermano Wood was acting like he was borracho (drunk). It's kind of been a big joke since then haha We kind of poke fun at them. Really our teachers are so great! I like them a lot, even though one of them makes fun of my Spanish a little bit. My grammar needs some improvement....It's been almost 2 years since I have taken a Spanish class....

Oh also I thought it was funny that everyone sent me calling cards. I now have six, so unless I run out of time I will definitely have enough minutes to call you all. 

Anyway there isn't too much else to say, I guess I am kind of boring. I will leave you with a thought though.

This week we had a few lessons on the whole every member a missionary thing. Being here, I am realizing just how important it is, and the prophets and apostles have spoken about this so many times, which should just motivate you all the more. The changes people make when they come unto Christ are difficult. It is not easy to leave behind a life that is so familiar and take a step of faith into something unfamiliar. Please be the one to befriend new people and the one to share your testimony. You have been blessed to be a member of the church and should share this blessing with others. I want you to think about one simple truth about why you are a member of the church. I know that there is a lot that goes into a testimony, and we have a testimony about many different topics, but just think about it for a minute. When it boils down to it, why are you a member? For me. ONE of the reasons is that is makes me incredibly happy, and helps me be a better person. What you say doesn't have to be something profound. It just needs to be something true. Example: Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints helps me find peace and happiness. Isn't that an easy thing to say to someone? Don't be afraid of offending someone, and don't be weird about it, but it could come up in a casual conversation. Just because you live in Utah doesn't mean there isn't someone around you who isn't searching for something in their life. Sometimes they don't know what it is, until you take the courage to share. So take heart, reach out, and share your happiness, that is my challenge! With great blessings, come great responsibilities.
I love you all so much! I hope you have a great week!!!!!!! Give my babies lots of kisses, I miss them like a crazy mama bear haha

Read and pray everyday!

Hermana Makin

Hermana _________, Hermana ________, Hermana_________ and Hermana Makin ;)

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