Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Happy Happy Birthday Mom! I hope that this is your best birthday yet!

So I am guessing none of you heard about the floods and volcanic erruptions this week in Chile. Pretty sad. No worries, I am good :) Our area wasnt effected. We lost the power and water there for a bit......which makes me really wonder if any of us would actually survive in an emergency situation. Well let me just tell you that you pretty much can't do anything without water or electricity.....like nothing. Most food requires at least one of those two things. I am going to do some upating of my 72 hour kit here. I did a pretty good job in the beginning, but I should probably add things like water haha 
Anyway so Conference is this week! Who is excited? Did anyone go to the womans conference? We get to go on Thursday. I am so excited! It is going ot be a marvelous weekend. I hope you are all preparing. I hope you all take questions. I hope you all make it a memorable expereince for your kiddos too. They will probably be bored, but there is maybe something you can do to make it special. I remember one time when I was little and everyone was listening to Conference and I was so annoyed so I decided to go to Grandmas thinking she wouldn't be listening to it......I don't think I really knew what Conference was haha No way Grandma would miss it! (Is someone going to hook that up for her? Pops?)
Anyway this week is week 6! Last week of the cambio! Time goes by pretty fast here. I assume everything is going well. No news is good news right? (I get that saying now, though I think it should say no news means good news. It makes more sense that way.
I feel really boring.....sorry. Maybe I will have something more exciting to share next week.......I love you all to pieces!
Hermana Makin

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