Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Flat Sadie in Chile (week 38)

Flat Stanley made it to Chile! I am so so so so happy. I get to be the cool Aunt from 6,000 miles away. So the new married missionary couple came to inspect the house and they brought the mail. God knows the desires of our hearts. I was just so so so so excited and happy. One of the biggest tender mercies this week haha.
Also another thing happened this week that made me scream and shout and let it all out. HERMANA STRINGHAM IS COMING TO SAN FERNANADO!!!!!!! She isn't going to be my companion, but she is going to be in the same zone, so basically I get to see her often. I am truly so excited! I might have freaked out just a little bit when I heard the news. We might have been in the church.......are we sure I am really 24? Good thing there wasn't anyone there haha
So Joaquin is doing better. I am still really concerned about him because of some stuff he was telling us and the Elders this week, so please keep praying for him.
So you remember the story I told you about Patricia the one we invited to be baptized a couple of weeks ago. (It was when I did divisions with Hermana Bishop.) Well, we haven't been able to find her again. :( We might have to end up dropping her.......we are going to work really hard on finding her this week, and if we cant, then we are going to have to stop passing by. It makes me sad, because she knows God sent us.......which means she has a level of understanding.......
Oh also I should mention that we cambios are tomorrow. My companion Hermana Smith is going to Curico and I am going to get a new companion. Her name is Hermana Aizama. I actually did divisions with her one day when I was in Graneros. She is crazy haha, but like in a fun way. She is a really good missionary. I am excited to work with her. I am SOOOOO happy that I am going to have a companion who works hard, loves the people, and is obedient. (I know this because I already worked with her.) She is from Argentina by the way. Her story is pretty incredible. I will have to tell it to you some day. She is a recent convert. 
Anyway I am boring again.....I need to start writing in my journal so that I have more to share with you all....or rather remember what to share.
I miss you all very much, and I pray that you are doing well. 

Read and Pray Everyday!!!

Hermana Makin
P.S. For my lack of words I will send pictures. Am I forgiven? THANKS!

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