Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ill go where you want me to go dear Lord.....Ill be what you want me to be (week 32)

Dearest Family of Mine,
So, as promised in my last e-mail (I was going to try and be more interesting) this week was full of stuff!

We had a pretty good week here in Recreo. There was this one lesson I want to tell you about this week. We started teaching a less active and her pareja. He has some interesting ideas about things.....lets just say he has read a lot of books. Anyway so we were teaching him and he was spouting off all of these things he had read and Satan was trying to weaken my faith which was annoying. I had no idea what to say or how to respond, or how God wanted me to help him. I just prayed for his heart to be softened. I felt so inadequate at that moment. BUT God promised that we won't be confounded before men, I just had to be patient and keep my faith strong. Stuff just came to my mind and I was able to say things. Things that made him think a little and anyway no real way to describe it, but it was awesome! Then the next time we went I remembered things he had said and invited him to pray in a cool way (because the spirit told me how to do it). It was like a oh I need to pray and not depend on the understandings of other men. So pray for the spirit to be with him. That his heart can be softened. That he can accept the truth and have the ability to recognize it.
We found a new investigator this week who is golden! First of all, he called us because we contacted a family member in his house! Then we went and taught him with an awesome member who answered his many questions. He then read his homework that night and the next morning he brought over three copies of his thoughts and questions TYPED!!! He brought it to our house. (His grandaparents are our neighbors so its not creepy.) We also invited him to be baptized. I am so excited....to find out what happens as I will be in San Fernando (Guadalupe)! Yep, thats right people, I am moving for the third time in three months, to a new sector! I am excited for new adventures and new people, though I am sad to leave people I have grown to love. Like, really sad! I just love these people! I don't want new ones yet! This ward is amazing too! I am going to miss working with the members. The name of my new companion is Hermana Smith. She JUST finsihed her training......I feel a little pressure haha... (Just because she is newer.) I hear she is awesome though, so I am probably worrying for nothing. I am also a little stressed because apparently I am now cordinadora.....yeah....I have no idea what I am doing. Also I feel really really unqualified. I am just not good enough for this calling. ANYWAY God reminded me that he doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called, but I am still a little lost. All I got was a piece of paper. Extra prayers for me please, that I can learn my sector quickly, that my tongue may be loosed and that I can figure out how to magnify my calling more fully this week. Thanks!
I let Hermana Williams cut my hair this week. It turned out pretty great! I can wear my hair down now! The last cut.....not so cute. I will send pics.
So funny story: Hermana Gracia called me Elder Makin this week....which was not actually so funny. Anyway we were at the apartment later that night and we were teasing her about it. She was all what can I do to make up for it. What about the atonement. Then I was all....saved by grace after all you can do Sister....maybe you had to be there, but Hermana Williams and I were cracking up. Then we were all you might know you are a missioary if........we are a little nerdy....but its okay because we are also AWESOME!

I was so excited about conference this week, and was so glad to be able to participate in the spirit there. It is truly a marvelous blessing to have prophets on the earth today.  I hope that you all took advantage and set new goals.

This week I have been reading in Alma. I love reading Alma as a missionary because he and the sons of Mosiah were just such amazing examples of missionaries. I have so much to learn!
Anyway I feel like I am forgetting something...but I cant remember right now. Please do good things everyday! Look for miracles and you will find them!
Read and Pray Everyday Everyday Everyday! (Who knows which talk this came from?)
Hermama Makin

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