Tuesday, May 19, 2015

BOM Studying (week 34)

Dear Gringos,
Thanks for all the great pictures and videos this week. They were so cute! It makes me just a little sad seeing how big all of my babies are getting. I guess I am okay with them getting bigger as long as they remember who I am.....so you better be quizzing them EVERYDAY....THANKS! 
Let´s see....what happened this week.......well we taught people.....and it got really cold! Well, not really that cold, but like in the 50´s, but the drop was sudden so it seemed colder. It was fourteen degrees yesterday! (That probably doesn't mean anything to you.) Anyway I was really glad to have boots and nice warm socks. (Thanks Dad.) 
So lately I have really just been delighting in my personal study. It is so cool to be able to study and get revelation and inspiration, and then watch as things throughout the day build upon it. It is the coolest thing ever. Mostly because you wouldn't have understood the new thing you learned in the same way if you hadn't learned something awesome in personal study. (I hope that makes sense.) This week I have been studying about the light of Christ. It has been quite delightful. I am not quite finished with that one yet, but I will let you know some of my insights next week.
I am working hard at finishing the Book of Mormon. I read pretty much all the free time I have. We were supposed to finish at the end of this month as you know, but President wrote and said he extended it till May 15th. I was pretty happy about that because I got a bit behind with the whole being a missionary thing. I am in like Alma fifty something. I just have to say that reading about Alma and his life has been a huge blessing. He started out so wicked, and then through effort and with the help of the atonement he was able to become one of the greatest missionaries and leaders in the Book of Mormon. At the end of his life he ends up just walking away from everyone and no one ever heard from him again. It could very well be possible that God just took him up into heaven for his righteousness. Anyway, it just is so amazing to think about that we really can be made clean and perfect in Christ.
Oh, and don't even get me started on Moroni! In the scriptures it says if everyone on Earth were like Moroni the devil wouldn't have any power on the Earth. Then it says that Moroni had such a powerful influence on the people of the city of Noah that he changed the who city. I want to be like that don't you?
Anyway, this week we get to have a Zone Conference and we are doing special training. We are doing that tomorrow. President seemed pretty excited about it when we talked to him about it yesterday. (He just randomly showed up at the church building and we heard him and were all like....uh.....what?!) Anyway they always make lunch for all of the missionaries and Hermana Warne always make sure to bring a good homemade treat. It is usually something gringo, which pretty much makes my heart sing. (She is so good to us.) 
So, I usually try and not tell you things that will scare you or make you worry, isn't that nice of me? (I cant decide if that is a good or bad idea....what do you think?) But, sometimes the stories are just so good its hard for me to refrain. I have had some really good self control so far.....don't worry I am totally safe. 
So something kind of cool has been happening lately and you all have been involved, or I assume you have been anyway. Lately my Spanish has gone to a whole new level. It has been so much easier to speak. Not that is was extremely challenging before, but it has been so much easier to express my self. I think its because you have been praying. The last couple of days....not so much the case, but before that. So, thanks for your prayers.
I do want to touch one topic......No one commented about the tomato thing....NO ONE! Not even Dad.......so.......you should respond to the things that I say in e-mails more. 

So anyway I have learned my sector, which is kind of awesome. I can successfully get around in my sector without getting lost WOOHOO!!! I definitely don't know all the street names yet, but I am still pretty pleased :)
Joaquin is going to get baptized this Saturday if everything goes according to plan. Please pray for him. It is one big step he is taking, especially for a 14 year old. He gets himself up and gets to church every Sunday. (He probably walks there too.) We don't even call him ( we are not being irresponsible, he just doesn't have a phone.) Please pray for this kid. I really love him to pieces. He told us when he grows up he wants to be a missionary. Is that not the most tender thing you ever heard?
I am so thankful to have this opportunity to serve the Lord. It is the best thing I have ever done and has changed my life. Thank you for all of your support, I really couldn't do it without you. I feel your prayers and I want you to know they help me everyday. We have all the restored truths of the gospel to help us today. God is here to help us to reach our goals and strengthen us. He loves each of us individually. Jesus Christ made it all possible, and makes it all possible to be  able to receive the greatest gift God has to offer which is eternal life. I love this gospel with all of my heart and am so grateful for the happiness it gives me everyday. 
Read and Pray Everyday Everyday EVERYDAY!!!!

Love, Hermana Makin

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