Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Can I get a number one with rootbeer? Thanks! Oh and extra fry sauce! (week 30)

Hello Family!
I am wearing sweatpants under my skirt today.....just because I can! (don't even worry Jennifer you can't see them because they are capris. Thanks for teaching me your ways Jess)
Patricia and Lorena went to church yesterday! We started teaching another joven who is the son of a former menos activo. He is going to get baptized some day. He had never prayed before and we kneeled down and prayed at the end of the lesson and he prayed to know if there really was a God. At the end he was crying....so I think that is a good sign! So that is exciting!
This week we helped a bunch with the Relief Society Anniversary party. The presidency went all out. It was really nice. We make cupcake toppers (that is actually what they call them here too haha.) They went all out. It was a fun experience. We had some people we are teaching go too. So that was awesome.
Anyway I want to share some of my thoughts that I had yesterday as we were walking home from church. I was thinking about how lucky I am to have all of you, no but really. I am glad that every time I open my email there is more than one email. That I get letters from just about everyone every week. One of the Hermanas has yet to get an email from her parents. Her Dad has Alzheimers so he doesn't even remember her anymore....so sad! Then I was thinking about some missionaries who leave and don't have support at all from their families. Their families don't understand why they left because they are not even members. Then they have to go back to a family who doesn't get it. I feel so blessed to be part of a family where everyone is a member. Not just members, but active in the church and sealed in the temple. I don't know if you think about it or have really thought about it before, but it is a HUGE blessing that we have all known about the church since birth. That we were tortured with hair rollers weekly and woken up early to go to church. WE ARE BLESSED! SO BLESSED! Also it has come to my attention that people don't talk to their family members all that much. They don't call and communicate like we do. That is so important. It is part of taking care of the people around us. We are really really lucky. Keep working on staying united. That is what God wants. He wants us to be happy and unified.
Anyway not much else to tell about the week....nothing else different really happened, except Hermana Williams ran into the glass door this morning and I died laughing. Oh and Hermana Gracia is sick :( Poor thing. Got the same thing as Hermana Williams........some throat virus or something. So pray for her. Hermana Williams is still kind of sick but mostly better.
Prayers for the week: Javier, Patricia, Lorena.
Read and Pray Everyday!
Miss you like crazy!

Hermana Makin

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