Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Arrival of the Suitcase (week 29)

Wow! Almost out of time! Dang! Anyway this week was good.... I got the suitcase last night....I about died! Cadburry eggs and Reeses and shoes and ST: PATIRCKS DAY STUFF!!!! I know I am forgetting something else that I love, but there is just not time to stop typing and think right now. Thank you so much! You guys are so good to me! I am sure my companion hates me. ANYWAY on the amazing news front. LORENA WENT TO CHURCH!!!! I about died! WOOOOOHOOOO!!! Please keep praying for her. Patricia didn't end up going (have I told you about her yet?) Her brother was hospitalized. Satan works on all ends. Can you pray for her. We really need to visit her this week. We finally finished everything with the move this week. Elder and Hermana Johnson came and helped us fix up our apartments. We now have everything including fun curtains! We all sleep in the same room which is fun. The living room....because who really uses their living room for anything else?

This week we have a special mission conference....I will tell you more about it next week....because I don't really know anything at this point.
Did you all call my beautiful Belle and sing her happy birthday? I sure hope so! Happy Birthday Liv! I love you and have been praying for you lots lately! (Hopefully she has recovered by now) Also Emma.....hope her surgery went well too. Could you all stop with the surgery thing? Thanks! Also you can all stop getting sick! How is Dad? Haven't heard about him in a while.....
Hermana Williams got really really sick this weekend.....we sleep in the same room and breathe the same air. The only good thing about getting sick is that you get to sleep....but that isn't why I am here....so I am going to avoid getting sick. I gave her some Dayquil....the drugs just aren't as effective here. Hopefully I don't get many more colds. Oh, thanks for the airborne haha. I probably have enough for the rest of my life. JK Marissa, thank you for the chapstick. It is my favorite kind! You are so thoughtful to think of me. I was especially excited about the cards from Jennifer and Mom. I didn't wait Jen haha....but I will read it again tomorrow. Are you all going to wear green? I don't have any......oh well.....I do have my eyes! Oh and I was so excited about the picture of our family too! Now I can put it in my scriptures and when people ask me about my family I can show them the pic. Hna. Stringham always had hers and it was fun. I was jealous haha.....in a not sinful way.
Anyway I am down to one minute.....so I must depart. Please take care of my babies. Give them lots of kisses and work hard on that brainwashing ;)
My challenge for you all this week is to make sure you do your FHE. It is very important or the prophet wouldn't have told us to do it. Make the time, because your family is the only thing you get to take with you, so you better make it good while you are here.
Miss you all very much! Thank you for the extra prayers this week, I felt them. It helped me a lot. If you could include in your prayers Patricia, Lorena, and Jean (Yahn). P-we need to visit L-is having a little health problem and J-Needs an answer to his prayer if the church is true.
Read and Pray Everyday!
Hermana Makin

PS Hope my rambling makes sense.....

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