Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I´ve been turned into a cow, can I go home now? (week 35)

Dear best people on the planet that I know aka my family aka the best family to ever walk the planet,
I am rather fond of you in case you didn't know. I still think you are the best family ever. Mostly when I hear about other peoples families, I think yeah my family is just so much cooler than that. Sure, we have our moments, our drama, but I have to say, as a whole we kind of rock at being a family. We are one funny bunch. 
So are any of you intrigued by my title? Hna. Smith said it to me this week because of a funny situation that happened. We went to a member families house for lunch (we eat with members everday) and the first thing the member said when she opened the door was look you´ve gotten fatter (not referring to me). Its not like a rude thing here in Latin America to say things like that, but Hna. Smith took it very much like a north American would. She is really so thin, so I don't know why that is a thing, but well ya know, not the best thing to hear right before you eat lunch. 
Anyway, Joaquin got baptized. It was a beautiful experience. His whole family came to support him, even his cousin who is actually a teacher at the MTC in Santiago. He gave us the reference. Joaquin was crying, and his Mom and Dad cried too. He is a cheeky little monkey of a kid. He kind of reminds me of Chase a little bit. Did I tell you that his Dad has or had cancer? I think he doesn't anymore, but I don't really want to ask.
We had our talent show this week, and we sang....and it didn't come out all that well, not gonna lie. Also it was kind of funny because we sang in the middle. There were like all these worldly numbers and then we came in in the middle with sisters in Zion and daughters of Helaman. They turned on the lights and everything. Afterwards I told my companion not to let us get talked into doing that again, and she was all deal! Then on Sunday the relief society invited us there times during class to participate in the choir for Branch Conference....and there just wasn't really a way to get out of that one, so we are going to do that.
Did I tell you about that awkward experience I had the other week? We went to visit a sister in the ward who has cancer and isnt doing so well. So we decided to sing her a hymn and give her a little spiritual thought. Well we (I) decided which hymn we were going to sing on the spot, and I chose my favorite hymn of the week which was the Lord is my Shepherd. I just really like the melody. Anyway in the second verse it says something about walking through the shadow of the valley of death. Please note I did not see that one coming. Nor had I paid that close of attention to the words before. So anyway by the end of the song she was crying. But, for the rest of the song I was like ah crap what scripture am I going to share that is going ot just blow this whole death song out of her memory. I don't remember which one I picked, but it was a really good one. She kept saying thank you, for the message and song, so maybe it was what she needed to hear. #awkward
This week we also had our Zone Conference with President. It was so so so good! I left with so much animo to work! (Not that I lack it usually.) President Warne is really awesome. He is very inspired and we are lucky to have him. Please pray for him and Hermana Warne. They are responsible for all of us and they do a really good job. They receive revelation for us, and some of the time that is revelation that really protects us. I wont go into any major detail, but I am rather fond of them both.
Got sick again this week....RIGHT after the conference ended. I started feeling really nauseous. It was pretty terrible, but I was doing a division with Hna. Prien so I kind of had to tough that one out. Of all the days to have all your appointments fall through....that should not have been one of them. Anyway the next day was pretty bad too and my compy called the nurse on me and she told me to stop being selfish and stay home........lets just say I am turning into my mother, and cannot sit still to save my life. I don't know how to just relax anymore. I think that is probably a good thing.
All right, prepare yourselves for some gems of spiritual light. God taught me what I am about to share with you during personal study. (PS didn't get a chance to finish studying about the light of Christ so I am going to have to wait to share about that until another time). 
In Alma 48:11 (A) The footnote takes you down to the GEE (guia de los escrituras) or the topical guide/bible dictionary (I forget how it works in English) it takes you to what I think would be understanding (I was reading in Spanish so I hope this makes sense.) There is something that I really like that it says there. It says that Understanding isn't just to learn something, you also have to apply that thing that you learn. Moroni had a perfect understanding, not because he learned a lot of stuff, but because he applied what he learned. Then later on in that chapter it talks about how if all men were like Moroni the powers of hell wouldn't have any power over men (or something like that) I am kind of thinking that their reason why Moroni had such power was because he applied what he learned. The understanding we can acquire to better our lives and progress comes from God, and thanks to the grace of Jesus Christ we have the opportunity to become better. We wouldn't be able to progress if it weren't for his sacrifice. Remember that scripture in Alma that says that I don't glory in myself, I glory in my God, and as to my strength I am weak (something like that). Well, its true! Anyway have you studied about the grace of Jesus Christ? I recommend it. It is really just delightful to the soul. Grace is the divine means of help or strength given through the bounteous mercy and love of Jesus Christ. BUT his grace is only sufficient when we put in all of our efforts. So, are we faithful to the understandings God gives to us? (Alma 53:20) How many times do we say/hear I knew I shouldn't have or don't you know better? If we really understood, them we would apply. Those that apply are those that can be compared to a wise man. It doesn't profit us to sit around and wait for tomorrow. Apply the grace of Jesus Christ in your lives and apply the understanding God has given you to be better people. God loves us so much. All we have to do it reach out and there is every resource available to help us in this challenging path that is life. Anyway hope that made sense.
In a couple of weeks I am going to be skyping you which is pretty weird. (Thanks for reminding me haha) I have no idea at what time or anything. We have church till one and then 1:30 to 3:30 we have lunch and then 3:30-5:30 we have weekly planning....so I am GUESSING it will be after that. You are 3 hours behind BWT. Let me know what works best for you Mommy dearest. It is gonna be really weird to talk to you.......oh and as a side note....I decided this week that I don't know if I can come home again. I don't know how to function in that world. (Don't start freaking out Gill I also believe in obedience and that doesn't follow rules.....so)
Anyway I miss you all a lot. Please take care of my babies! 

Your favorite Sister Missionary


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