Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hi... (week 26)


Well.....cambios went about just as we expected. Hermana Stringham is abandoning me :( I am sad.....also stressed. I still don't know all of the people and it is a hard sector...but I have faith that it will all work out.

Hermana Stringham is doing well. I think she is nervous about going to a new sector and leaving her first sector, but I think it is mostly because of the bikes and the dogs. She is afraid of both of those things. Oh well you should probably know that the dogs here chase cars and bikes and they get so close to the wheels that it doesn't surprise you that many of the dogs in the street are lame. I imagine more than one dog has kocked a missionary off their bike....
Anyway, we had a pretty good week here in Recreo. We are still working really hard as usual. This week we decided that we were going to have animo all week long and we did it. We found 5 nuevos this week! I don't really know if they will progress or not....but I am excited to have some new people to teach! Four of the nuevos are a family of sorts and they are very I don't know what is going to end up happening with them. 
Javier is going to the temple this week! Also we are going to challenge him to enroll in seminary and he is going to recieve the priesthood on Sunday. He is such a good egg. He is one of those investigators de oro.....and now a converso de oro! I am excited for his future. He is now in Mosiah! He set a personal goal to finish the Book of Mormon. So now my goal is to finish the Book of Mormon before he does. 
I was reading in Jesus the Christ this week and it said Jesus Christ is full of grace and truth. As I want to be more like Jesus I decided I needed to learn more about grace. I always thought it was more like an attribute one could acquire, but I came to find through my studies that it is more of like a power. We can be better because of the grace of Jesus Christ, or through the power of Jesus Christ.  There are so many scriptures that are fantastic that talk about grace too. Also I really loved the bible dictionary definition.  I loved studying it. I recommend it!
So not too much more exciting going on here. I would ask that you pray for Lorena though. She was going to go to church this week like if it was the last thing that she did because she just wants to know if it is where she is suppossed to be....and her husband invited people over again....I think he is trying to put things in the way. He is a good person....I just....well.....he thinks it's a cult and we have weird rituals or something. Anyway Lorena is starting to think it shouldn't be this hard and....I think she is loosing her desire to know.....please pray for her. She is so so great! Also you could pray for Alejandro her husband.
I miss you all quite a lot. Its really annoying. I loved all the letters I got from Mom this week. It was funny watching the Elders pulling down all the letters from the shelf and all of them being for me. (There were like 5 plus the package from Gill. Thanks Sister! Or rather...your welcome haha) They were all like what the freak! It was funny. I feel the love. You should all take advantage of me being in this zone. This one and the last one that I was in are the only ones where you get to check the mail every week. In any other zone.....well I just won't ever get mail. Like every 4 months or take advantage :)
Read and Pray Everyday!
Hermana Makin

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