Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sorry I didnt write last week......... (week 23)


First of all, I am just going to give a shout out to the February Birthdays. First to my amazing dazling Marissa. and Next for Jimmy and Rob. (Sorry, it would just be weird to call you dazling.) Hope you three have a happy birthday!!!!!!

Hi family! I hope you had a good week....though I hear that some people got sick.......but not from the clean club haha jk. Anyway we had a pretty good week this week. Are you ready for the most ridiculous story ever? Here is goes.....

We woke up one morning this week and we were very unexcitedly getting started on our morning exercises.....when Hermana Gracia comes in our room and tells us there is a huge spider in the shower. Of course my mind went right to tarantula, but don't worry it wasn't. It was a rather large spider though. Big enough that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to kill it with one blow and I didn't want to anger it and let it attack me (I will try and add a photo, but the camera really didn't do it justice.) Anyway so we all four were standing there by the bathroom door, and no one wanted to kill it, but someone had to kill it because we all had to shower.....big dilema right? We didn't even have any chemicals because we ran out of those. So we decided to call the comisarios. They are the Elders who are in charge of house stuff. I called them because well it was just ridiculous and no one else would because it is embarrasing. ANYWAY I told them they couldn't laugh and then I told them about the situation. They were actually really good and didn't laugh. That is worth gold stars in heaven as Grandma would say. So they were all okay we will be there in 15 min.....and 30 minutes later they arrived. One of them was in a jumpsuit.....I think he was mocking us. BUT! They came armed, and now the large spider esta en el mundo de los espiritus. Anyway is turned out to be un araƱa de rincon which is a deadly spider here. (Dont worry Dad we sprayed today.) It bites you and they your skin starts disintegrating. You can google it if you want. Anyway kind of funny right?

So I have told you about Javier right? He is getting baptised on the 14th of this month. It is going to be the best Valentines day ever! Well this one or last years, because last years Valentines Day was like the best day EVER! You all know how I feel about Valentines day. Hermana Stringham was surprised haah but we found strawberry cake mix at the store today also heart shaped is going to be an awesome day!!! Anyway Javier, he is already almost done with 2 Nephi and we didn't invite him to read from the beginning, he just wanted to. Pray for him, and that his Mom continues to cooperate and such. Shes supportive.....but then not.....idk how to explain it.

Then there is Lorena. She is so interested in the church, and she wants to start going and she accepted an invitation to be baptized (okay I am loosing my spelling it with an s or z in english?) but she doesn't want to do it without her husband. She wants a united family. We did a fast for Alejandro on Sunday. Hopefully his heart is open to the spirit. He's not uninterested....he's just not looking like she is. Anyway they have two adorbale little girls and Lorenas best friend is a member. She served in the temple square mission actually.

Anyway not too much else I think......we spend a lot of time outside looking for people. It is a more challenging sector, but I know I can see miracles everyday. I know this transfer was inspired, and I only hope that I can live worthy of Gods trust so that he can guide me to the people here who are ready for the gospel.

I love you all muy mucho! Hope you are enjoying your cold weather (besides Jess). It is really hot here. Like 34 lately (or so they tell me) which is just hot when you are in the sun all day. Thank goodness for the wind. It is my best friend and worst enemy (I have had a few Marilyn moments.....okay a lot more than a few. What's a sister suppossed to do?)

Oh and another random thing. I just got a letter from Mom in the mail and it is from November! How crazy is that? Some of them take forever I guess........

Read and Pray Everyday!

Hermana Makin

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