Monday, March 2, 2015

If I never eat corn again I will be one happy camper......just the smell reminds me of Jill and her chicken salad sandwich (week 27)

Hi Family!
(It is corn season and there are a few Chilean dishes that use corn......naturally we have eaten corn a lot :) the members try and introduce us to Chile.)
I have been missing you this week. I think everytime there is a change it makes me miss you more...kind of weird how that works out. We had a pretty good week here in Recreo. Not to much to report. We walked a lot and I used a whole lot more Spanish because my companion is from Peru.......and yeah it was kind of a normal missionary week. Wow I have officially gotten boring......
Wait! Hermana Williams got legit bit by a dog. It was pretty bad. It took a big chuck out of her clothes and it was all bloody and such. The poor thing had to go and get a bunch of anti rabis injections today.....please pray for me....I just wouldnt make it if I had to get a bunch of injections in another country.
I talked to the President and he told me that I should go buy another I will be going to Santiago probably this week. 
Oh....and we are moving to another house....either this week or next week. I will tell you why later....after we move.
A couple of weeks ago Hermana Stringham and I contacted a woman who was outside cleaning up her patio. We of course tried to share with her, but she said no I really am not interested, I am busy, and I am going on vacation. (There is always more than one excuse it seems.) Anyway turns out she didn't make it to her vacation because she passed away. She wasn't even that old. It was very unexpected for her whole family. I just kept thinking about how sad it was that she didn't get the opportunity to hear the gospel in her life. I don't know if she had talked with missionaries before or if she knew some who was a member, but it just made me really sad. I kept thinking would I have tried harder if I had known or did I really do everything I could have to help her feel the spirit and desire to know. I came to the conclusion that I really did try my best to offer her the opportunity. Everyone gets to choose as my grandma always says. My next thought went to the people who could have influenced her. Neighbors, or other missionaires who perhaps passed. We all can make a difference in someones life even if it is small. God needs our help to do this work. It is more important than any other thing we do. we should never buy into Satans lie that we don't have time.....because God gave us this time to do his work. Everything else we get to do is just a bonus.
I testify of the importance of missionary work. We are here to help God with his work. It is not our time, it is Gods time that he gave to us. Even small things can make a big impact. I love you all so much and I am so glad that our family will be together forever! I have all the incentive in the world to work hard and do my best so that I can be with you all forever. I hope that you all work hard too! Try a little harder to be a little better everyday. It isn't about perfection it is about growth and progress.
Challenge of the week: Everyone go and visit Grandma. She needs to feel the love. (I don't know why that popped into my head, but just do it......because I can't.)
Miss you more than the mountain is tall!
Read and Pray EVERYDAY!!!!!
Hermana Makin

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