Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Building Character (week 21)

Hello All!

Well, this was a character building week. I left my awesome sector.....sad day, (I am okay now though, it feels like that was an eternity ago.) and made the long (note the sarcasm because the quote button isnt working right now) journey to Rancagua. I am in Recreo....which is actually the name of the ward, but also a major street in Rancagua. My sector in Graneros was booming! SO much going on, and I got here to recreo....and well its just not quite the same. Hermana Stringhams companion went home in the middle of last transfer (which was planned, she left with Hermana Villanueva) and so she got put in another trio who work in another ward. SO basically she hasn't been able to work much in her sector, and everyone started dying....for various reasons. So when I got here we didn't have quite as much going on. Apparently it is not normally super great here, the people here are just harder and kind of ruder (not all of them, just some). So we spent a lot of time walking around outside, in the sun, and knocking on doors and trying to find people to teach. In Graneros, no one really had cars so you could just talk to people in the street, but here everyone has cars, and contacting people in houses is just harder. The people open the door and say yeah what do you want (reminds me of someone haha) Anyway I just still feel like I am meant to be here for some reason, so I am not at all discouraged, don't even worry. I am loving being here. Also I love my companion. She is the best. We have lots of fun. 

So I did a fast this week for our sector, and that day we had awesome miracles! I have a testimony of fasting even though sometimes it can be a challenge. The bad news is that I got sick, dehydration or something haha and got really dizzy and then threw up in a members house.....and all the Elders were there that was an experience haha I know you all wanted to know. Yes I am taking care of myself Jennifer :)

So Jenny the one from Graneros gave us an awesome reference for a teenager named Javier. So we taught him this week and he came to church on Sunday! He didn't used to believe in God, and now he does after getting to know Jenny and her family. That is how awesome they are at living the gospel. If you live the gospel the way you are supposed to it just converts people to the truth because they can see how it works in your life.

Anyway not too much else....interview with the president this week......OH! I felt my first earthquake this week! It was in the middle of the night. (February is earthquake month) PS they don't call everything an earthquake here they call the little ones temblores and the big ones terremotos. Anyway so I didn't respond in the way I thought I would. I woke up and I could tell everything was shaking and then I literally thought, well I don't think anything will fall on my head and went back to sleep. I was sooooo tired. It was a day when we didn't have any lessons I think. Kind of funny right? I thought I would be totally freaking out....apparently I respond to things differently in different countries (Spain).

Remember God loves you, and he is willing to help you always!

PS Shout out this week to Jen and Jo Jo for their birthdays!!! Also to Gunnarkins! I cannot even believe that he is two.......I may cry about that. I am on board with Jill now, TEENY TINY!

Read and Pray Everyday!

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