Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ill go where you want me to go dear Lord over Mountain or Plain or sea.... (week 20)


Hello my dearest darlingest family! I read all of your emails (except one person who forgot........) and I just feel happy that you are my family. It sounds like you all had a pretty challenging week this week, and I am sorry for that, but I just can't help but think that things are going to get better. Challenges make us stronger and teach us so much! There is a rhyme and reason for everything. This week was also a big challenge for me as well. It was quite stressful, but I made it through!

So on Friday we had our ward activity. The missionaries were in charge....or rather me and my companion. Probably our fault haha because we are just kind of take charge people. You know how I like to plan. Anyway it was a talent show and we had a few challenges with getting people to sign up....and then to actually follow through, but it turned out so great! We even had non members participate! There is a joven in our ward whose name is Sebastian. He is SUPER shy and doesn't talk a whole lot. We were surprised when he came up to us and told us he was going to play the guitar and sing. Anyway he played his song, and you should have seen his face after. I wish I had a picture. I have never seen a smile so big! Anyway it was a big hit. Carlos even came and made Sopaipillas (YUM!). Remember how I told you about Carlos? He's the one that went to church and hasn't missed a Sunday yet! It was a really fun night.

And Saturday we had a baptism! Maria Angelica got baptised! I am very happy for her. I pray she keeps getting support from the ward. We had to plan that too (obviously). President and Sister Warne came so that was cool. Hermano Patricio sang. No one knew, but his voice is awesome. Erlly spoke which he has never done before. It was just awesome to see people magnifying their talents. So awesome!

So this week was Hermana Wilsons last week. QUE TRIIIIISSSSSTTTTTEEEE (that is something I say all the time, but like with expresion and not in a very serious way, but serious on this occasion.)I am so beyond sad. We worked so well together, so insync and all that jazz. Her parents are here as you probably know and so she will be here for another week. I was thinking about how she ended her mission really awesome with a bang up ward activity and a baptism....

So this was the last week of the transfer (6 weeks) and we were anxiously (well mostly me) waiting by the phone for Elder Garzon to call us to tell us what was going to happen. Well it was like 10 min to the hour when we weren't allowed to call anymore so I called him and was all yo dude who is my new companion, but in Spanish so it did not sound anything like that. He started off by trying to be all funny and he says Hermana Wilson is leaving and her new companion is her mom (but in a long drawn out kind of way) Then I said yeah Elder who is my new companion? Who is coming? And he goes and Hermana Makin is also leaving. She's going to Recreo (its like Rancagua Central) That would be when I went into shock. There were a few tears but not many because the spirit was there comforting me and wouldn't even let me cry. I was so so so so so shocked! Of all the scenarios I imagined, my leaving was not one of them. My new companion is Hermana Stringham. She is from my group. (The one that I think looks like Madilyn haha) I am really excited to work with her, but I cannot belive I am leaving Graneros. I was sure I was going to break the 9 month record. I am so sad for all the people I am going to leave. The people I am teaching..... We went over to say goodbye to Cristobal and Fransica last night and in the prayer he asked that I would still be able to come to their wedding. (April) Which I won't because we aren't allowed to do Camila is getting baptised in a few weeks too. So sad to miss it! Oh and Julia! We just found here and she is of gold seriously! She told us last night that she didn't even know why she let us in because she usually doesn't do that. Usually all the missionaries  (J.W. and LDS) stand at the door...... Anyway they are whitewashing my sector and bringing in two Elders......

I know that everything happens for a reason, and 'Im not exactly sad, but the sector is just to good right now and I don't want to leave it! I think its better to leave not wanting to than being glad to leave though. Anyway lots of packing to do today! Hopefully everything fits! I said this morning to Hermana Sheehan Where is my Dad? Because well....he is just so good at that haha

Oh and Hermana Cano left too! I am so sad about it. She is going home to Colombia. She has been with me since I got here! She arrived to Graneros the same day I did. And poor Hermana Sheehan is staying here all alone. I am abandoning her without even wanting to!
Well this does remind me of my mission scripture: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.
Read and Pray Everyday!
The Eternally Happy
One and Only

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