Saturday, January 10, 2015

Merry Christmas!!!!! (week 17)

Hello Family,
I LOVE YOU!!!! Just thought I would get that out there right off the bat. So we had a rather strange week this week. Working just as hard, but didn't accomplish quite as much as we normally do. That's okay though, we have more goals this week and are going to work hard to accomplish them, not that we didn't last week, but so it goes I suppose.
So the coolest thing happened today. The Zone Leaders called me and asked if I would teach about contacts this week. Now wait for it, that is not actually the cool part. You have to know what happened last night. Well in my nightly prayer I was talking to God about how I dont like doing contacts. I can do them and all that jazz and they arent usually awkward, which I mean is some type of accopmlishment, but I just really dont like them. You have to stop some random person on the street and try and form a conversation from nothing.....its just uncomfortable is what it is. Also in another language, which is fine, because its totally doable, but yeah....uncomfortable. Anyway so that is the cool part, God answers prayers! Of all the people they could have asked to do it in the zone and some probably a smarter choice, because they know more, they chose me! I am excited to learn more haha
So we had a baptism planned for this Saturday and we were rather jazzed about it, but it fell through :( Sad day. We rescheduled it for January. If you could please continue to pray for Gloria (down to 2 cigarettes) and Maria Angelica, and Maria de los Angeles, God would really appreciate it, and so would I!

This week is Christmas as you all know and I am looking forward and dreading talking to you. Okay that sounds really bad, but I just dont want to be sad after......its going to be a challenge. I obviously want to talk to yo and see your faces and hear your voices, but it is going to be hard to say goodbye. I just remember the airport and walking on the plane crying......that was really hard. I know I will be fine, but I just love you all as previously stated. ANYWAY, I am actually more looking forward to it than anything. But not in a not focused on the work kind of way.
Well I have two minutes left and I have to go. Talk to you on Wednesday (if that is not the 25th and I have mistaken the day dont start freaking out) wow that sounds weird!

Read and Pray Everyday!
Hermana Makin

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