Saturday, January 10, 2015

I cut Hermana Sheehan and Hermana Canos hair!!!!!!!!! (week 18)

Yeah I cut peoples hair and they are going to do mine is getting soooo long and it is really hot and my hair is thick and heavy......hopefully it turns out. I need to do some touch ups on Hermana Sheehans hair because the layers are a little dramatic, but it turned out pretty well I think.
This was the week of miracles. We are feeling really blessed here in Graneros. I love love love working with Hermana Wilson. She is amazing. We are doing really well and I am also dong really well. I thought I would be sad after the phone call on Christmas, but I had no trouble at all refocusing. Another blessing from God. I was praying a lot that I would be okay, and not be sad.
Anyway onto the miracles! This Saturday Maria Angelica is getting baptized!!! I am so happy for her. She was suppossed to get baptized the following Saturday, but she invited herself for this Saturday instead, which is fine with us, because there is nothing keeping here from doing it that day. Apparently she was all ready for baptism with some other missionaries last year or something but didnt end up gong through with it, but now she is really gung ho about it. 
Miracle number two. Our investigator and menos activa went to the registro civil this week to pick a date for marriage! We invited them to and didn't even have to remind them or anything. The soonest one is for April, so its sad because I probably won't be here :/ but I am so excited for them. Then we went to theri house this week with our AWESOME mission leader and had a lesson. The investigators mom and sister were there. They are catholic. They sat in and listened and after said they wanted to have other lessons AND they came to church on Sunday. The cool part is they live in Codegua, so its a slight drive.
Miracle number 3! This is probably my favorite one. It is the best thing that has happened so far on my mission by far. We have a menos activo named Carlos and after 18 years of not going to church, and many sets of missionaries he went to church yesterday! He has a medical condition because of an accident he had at work. I dont remember exaclty what happened, but something hit him in the head and he was uncounscious and all that for awhile and now he gets panic attacks and anxiety at the thought of leaving his house. He came to church! Not only did he come, but he stayed for all three hours! His eyes were so full of the light of Christ at the end of church. I asked him how his animo was and he said that he had arto, and the day before he said he had none. Also on the way to church he told us he was so sick, his whole body started hurting and lack of air etc, but at the end of sacrament meeting he told us that he was feeling a lot better. This week we had an AWESOME lesson with him about the parable of the frogs (Elder Garzon gave us the idea) it was awesome! Basically it is about how the Pharoah asked Moses to pray to get rid of the frogs and Moses says when do you want them gone and Pharoah says tomorrow, which is crazy. If my house were infested with frogs I would want them gone right away! Anyway we told him not to let frogs get in the way of following the commandments of God. At the beginning of the week we set the goal with him to go to church yesterday and I told him that he would have to read and pray everyday to get the spirit to help him to be able to do it. We kept checking up on him throughout the week and he was not being all that diligent. I told him that he needed to do it especially when he felt that way so he could feel better. We visited him on Saturday and he said he hasnt been able to because he has had too much anxiety this week. I told him that because at the beginning of the week he let the frog get in his way it started duplicating and made it even harder the rest of the week. I think this frog lesson helped him so much. I could see the spirit teaching him and it was amazing. HE CAME TO CHURCH!!!! I am really excited about it haha
There were of course many other miracles this week, and I just can't write them all down. I feel so incredibly blessed and dont quite know how to show my gratitude to God. His love is real.
The only real peace and happiness we can find in life is through Christ. 
Read and Pray everyday!
Hermana Makin

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