Saturday, January 10, 2015

Its official, I no longer go around telling everyone I like myself. Big strides forward! (week 14)

Hello Family,
We had another good week here in Graneros, and it was actually week 6 which means cambios. I am....drum roll please......staying in Graneros! Hermana Villanueva is also staying and the other Hermanas too. My comp is finishign her misión in two weeks and then she will be going back home to her family. We found out that Hermana Wilson will be coming to take her place, but we will be in a trio for two weeks. Hermana Wilson will be the coordinadora for our zone this cambio, and then she too will be going home to her family. Let me just say it is challenging to be around people that are all thinking about how they are leaving the misión.....really hard. They talk about going home and their family and such.....and it is the time of holidays also, so lets just say this week has been kind of slow. Anyway, it was still a good week. I completed three months on Thanksgiving! Did you all remember? Cause I almost forgot haha. I only remembered because I looked at a calendar.
Hermana Noakes and Hermana Parker are going home this week :( I know you probably don't know who they are haha, but they are wonderful. Anyway you only here about 7 percent of what actually happens during the week....
So we had some cool and funny experiences this week that I will share with you all.
1. Carlos, remember the weeping willow man? He is awesome. When we teach him he always asks questions. It is awesome, because you never have to wonder what he is thinking or if he is understanding. We were teaching about the Book of Mormon and my comp shared her testimony and then kept going on with the lesson, but he stopped her and asked if I and Hmna. Fanny could share ours too. We are going to invtie him to baptism this week. Pray for him.
2. Conni and Alexis- A pareja we found. (Pareja is like a couple that live together). Anyway when we saw Alexis outside I didnt think too much about it, but my comp started talking to him and then they let us come in and teach a bit. She said when she saw him the spirit told her that both his paretns had died, and well, yeah we found out that was true. So that was a couple of weeks ago and then yesterday we went to teach them again. (They spend a lot of time in Codegua with work.) They told us that there was a special feeling after we left the last time. It was kind of awesome! We invited them to be baptised too. Pray for them too. It is especially hard because time between the appointments leaves a lot of room for the adversary to work on them. During the lesson I was major struggling with the language, like more than usual. It was really really frustrating.
3. So after Connie and Alexis yesterday we went to find a reference, who wasn't there, so we knocked on their neighbors door. A woman answered. She told us they didnt believe in God, and Hna. Villanueva was all podemos pasar? Which is like can we come in. Well I was all ready to leave and such, because I just dont even know how to respond to that. We went in and started talking to them, and they were talking and we were suppossed to respond (duh cuz thats what you do in a conversation) and well IDK kind of an awkward situation right? Two definite beliver in God missionaries and two who dont and they are sharing their opinions and you have to think of something to say and say it in another language and not offend someone, and respect their beliefs. Lets just say I was very aware of my inadecuacies in that moment, very aware. In moments like that all you have is your faith and a prayer. Yep pretty much it. It ended up being a good experience, though I didnt do much of the talking. The spirit was there and you could tell they could feel it.
4. The RS dinner was a beautiful experience. I cried haha. We had an investigator come to the dinner which was awesome, because we hadnt even taught her a real lesson yet and we didn{t call to remind her. We are inviting her to be baptised this week too. She is a single parent to a cute little girl named Esperanza who has down syndrome.
Well I love you all very much. I miss you too! Give Grandma a big hug and kiss for me.
Read and Pray Everyday!
Hermana Makin

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