Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hi Mom! I miss you! (week 16)

Hi Mommy!

Sometimes I think my letters must be kind of depressing...I hope not! Being a missionary is a wonderful experience and it has changed my outlook on life forever! Sometimes it can be a challenge, as it is pretty much all about personal growth. So there are lots of blessings and good things, but that just means you fall harder....not sure if that makes sense. There is always so much I want to share with you, but can´t :( I will have to fill in most of the details when I get home. The time is flying by!
Last week we had a mission party with President and Hermana Warne. We played sporting games outside and then watched that video I think I told you all about. It was so embarrasing. Everyone was laughing really hard. The next few days and even today I was/am so sore! Pathetic! I walk around all day, and I was sore. Its probably because I was using muscles I don´t usually use. BUT, my endurance for running is now awesome! It was still fun, and I look forward to next years party haha Hermana Warne made cupcake and they were chocolate, so Hermana Villanueva gave me hers. I didnt even feel guilty about eating two cupcakes haha. DELICIOUS!
Being a missionary in Graneros is great! I love my companions and it is wonderful to work with people who want to work! Hermana Villanueva is going home this week, which is sad, but it hasn´t hit her yet that she is leaving, so it hasn´t quite hit me either. We keep working hard just like usual. It will be weird to adjust to new companions, but I am excited to learn from everyone. Hermana Wilson hit the ground running! She is amazing, and well there just aren´t words to describe her, but I am so excited to spend the rest of the cambio learning from her.

This week we had some awesome experiences! We did lots of exchanges with ward missionaries. We were able to have more teaching opportunities because we could be in opposite sides of the sector. Our sector is HUGE!!! Its exciting because there are just all that more people to find. We had an experience with an investigator who started to cry during a lesson because his desire to be baptized is great. His name is Cristobal. He told us that he wants to get married before he gets baptised (we haven´t taught him about the ley de castidad yet) and then his pareja who is menos activa was asking about long you have to wait to be sealed. I am not sure if I told you about Angelica who is a long time menos activa with a big testimony. She has had many struggles, and if I were her I don´t know that I would want to return to the barrio I attended before, just because of the things that have happened; anyway she had her interview this week. I don´t know what will happen with her, she has a fear she may get excommunicated. It would be more exciting this big step she took, except the lesson before her attitude was terrible. She was being super condescending and was not treating us very nicely. It was more annoying than anything else.

We are preparing a woman named Maria Angelica for baptism for the 27th. Anyway her daughter has down syndrome and she is eight. I am trying to think of how to help her adjust to primary so her Mom can focus on the other meetings.

Anyway we have had an awesome week, and I am really looking forward to the next one!

Read and Pray Everyday! (You´d better be! One wimpy verse at the very least people!)

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