Saturday, January 10, 2015

I shout at houses now, did I tell you that? Doorbells are not very common here.... (week 13)


PS that is not my favorite word anymore, probably because I say it about ten trillion times a day haha, but good news, my hola TOTALLY SOUNDS LIKE A CHILEAN HOLA. Like if I wasn´t a giant and blonde people wouldn't think I was Chilean. There is a hope that I won´t sound like a total gringa by the end of my misión haha
We had another awesome week this week. Not sure what else to was awesome......I really like working, I probably learned that from mom. (Let me just add, working not in the home aka cleaning.) Someone told me that the misión was going to be so hard, harder tan my first year of teaching, and I got really worried, because my first year of teaching....well I haven´t ever done anything quite so hard in my whole life. While misión work is challenging, I wouldn´t call it hard. Maybe because it´s all you have to think about.
I feel really bad about the returned package, that is so weird! You all don´t have to send me anything.....except the boots haha. I won´t be offended or sad if you don´t send things. You are all so sweet to think of me though.
Okay so I will share one really funny thing that happened over the past few weeks. It was the day after the stomach bug and we were walking back to our house along this alleyish type thing (there just aren´t words to describe it....but not an alley, but slightly sketchy at alley) It is a dirt path wide enough for a car and a half to drive down. Anyway this alley is lined with weeping willows which provides amazing shade. Hna. Villanueva told me I should try and swing from the branches. I told her I was going to break it because...well I mean you know they aren´t that thick. She was all no it won´t break. So I told her to do it. Well she started to try and then said it hurt her stomach.....yeah. Anyway so last Sunday, the Sunday before last we were walking back from church and I was all, okay are you going to try now and so she started to was pretty funny. Anyway this man starts up the path on his bike (don´t worry its a good ending). He stops and asks if we are trying to break it off and Hna. Villanueva explained the funny situation, then we talked to him for like 30 min haha and now we are teaching him. He has like a thirst. It is kind of cool. We taught him in the plaza the other day and a man (who may have been very drunk) interrupted our lesson to tell me that I needed to be a model. So that was super awkward haha Then the man (Carlos) after he left said that he had to agree with him.....even more awkward. And then I bore my testimony about the plan of was great. 
Anyway I love you all, and I hope you are having a lovely time there in Utah. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving this week! Eat some banana cream pie for me. We are going to a relief society dinner that night, and it is based on Thanksgiving haha so that should be fun. Probably not traditional though. PS did I tell you that the bishop in the Ward in from Alaska. He served his misión here and married a Chilean haha. Kind of funny.
Read and pray everyday
Hermana Makin
PS This week is my Em J´s birthday. Love her and squeeze her until she gets embarrassed or annoyed, just for me!  LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE EM!

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