Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Brooms in Chile (week 28)

Hey Yall! 

Have I told you about brooms in Chile.....they are very indispensable here. Like a lot. They use them for everything! They can even convert into mops? Did you know that? The broom here would be like the equivalent of paper towels in the US. Just a fun fact for the readers out there. 

So this week was pretty crazy! We moved! To the fourth floor of an apartment. Reminds me of you Jill haha Anyhoo they called us Tuesday night at 10:30 and told us we needed to be ready to move by Thursday morning......so that was fun. Then we just had problem after problem with that. For example....now we have no fridge or washing machine.....yep I am on my last pair....so it looks like I will need to hand wash some things today.... The apartment is really nice though, and once everything gets settled it will be an enjoyable place to live. Meanwhile things are unorganized and driving me crazy! I think that is why bad stuff keeps happening too. It’s because the spirit can’t protect us because the spirit can’t dwell in chaos. Anyway so the iron fell on Hermana Williams foot and she’s pretty sure she broke her toe.. but she won’t call the nurse. Hna. Gracia fell out of the shower and hit her head....I so far have not had any major incidents, which is good because you know how prone I am. Hopefully everything gets fixed. 

Patricia came to church this week! I was so excited! She really liked it and wants to come next week! I just love her to pieces. She is one of my favorite people here in Chile. I think some people stick with you more........I think it has something to do with pre-earth life, but I don’t know.

Last week we got a challenge from the President to read the Book of Mormon from the beginning to the end before end of April. I finished first Nephi this week. Woot! One day I am going to write a letter about my testimony of the Book of Mormon for you to put on the blog. I just love that book so much! 

Anyway I love you all very much. I am going to give you a challenge now. Ya ready? Read the Book of Mormon before my birthday. You all have the app so listening you could even do it. It is only like 8 pages a day....which okay is kind of a lot, but it will change your life and you won’t ever regret it. Please take care of each other and love each other. Family is the most important thing. It is what the gospel was made for.

Read (a lot) and Pray Every day!

Hermana Makin

PS if you could pray for my back that would be really good. It is all kinds of messed up lately. Don’t worry I am going to call the nurse today and ask her what to do.

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