Sunday, June 7, 2015

Contemplating gaining weight to be warmer this winter....that is how cold it is.... (week 39)

So guess where I am right now? RANCAGUA!!!!! My heart is so happy! I was thinking the other night about how after this cambio I will only have 5 cambios left, and that I still don't know very many areas of the mission, and you know how I love to travel and such, but then today coming back here it is like coming home.....I may just want to spend the rest of my days in this beautiful spot. There are 3 other sectors in Rancagua I haven't served in yet....BUT I am just going to trust that God will send me where the people need me.

We actually came to Rancagua because my companion had a dentist appointment. We actually have to come back on Friday again because it turned out to be more extensive than originally thought. Oh, and I have to come back AGAIN on Thursday for our I will be doing lots of traveling this week. On the bright side, I will get to check the mail! Woot woot!

So it has been really cold this week! I am going to look for new gloves, because the ones I use leave my hands cold, and they were supossed to be good ones! That is my only complaint so far. The boots and wool socks make my toes nice and toasty (thanks pops) and the coat.....well good job Jason, you are a good picker-outer. I may invest in some ear-muffs. They have some rather fun looking ones in San Fernando. 

I have also decided that this winter as part of my survival plan I am going to live off of Ramen Noodles, Hot Chocolate, and peanut butter toast. Sounds tasty right? I might eat some fruits and vegetables too, but no promises.

How was Ruby's birthday? I was thinking about her on that day and annoyed with myself for forgetting to say something on Monday. I feel like she can't be she 3? She's just so little! May 21st is actually a holiday here....something to do with a war or something. I want to study Chilean history when I get home. We had a mateado at the church. It is where everyone brings mate and drinks and chats and what not. Members also brought treats and they made SOPAIPILLAS!!!! So that was awesome. Speaking of sopaipillas, I forgot to tell you that right after I got done with the skype call Hermana Fuentes had hot sopaipillas for us....well sprobably mostly for her family, but they were delicious!

This week my Alyssa turns 8! I can't even believe it :( Where does time go. I am so sad to be missing her baptism! I am going to try not to think about just makes me too sad. Also, Madilyns graduation.......I mean if someone doesn't over document these occasions.....I might just really lose my mind.

I was sorry to hear about Shirley. I can't even remember the last time I saw her. So sad! What happened exactly? Does anyone know? How was the funeral? She had the most fun house! 

Big shout out to Mom and Dad for their anniversary tomorrow!

So lots of people have asked about Joaquin......well he didn't come to church is crazy the change that has come over him recently. Its just so different from a few weeks ago. Conversion is really hard....well the change is anyway. Please keep praying for him....specifically that he can have spiritual experiences or opportunities. 

We are now teaching a 14 year old girl named Fransica. She is going to get baptised this next month in June. She wakes up early every morning and goes to seminary, so that is kind of cool. She has friends that are members. There is still a lot to do to help her prepare for this big step.

So I found out that Javier stopped going to church......that just about killed me soul. The Hermanas never found him again after I left.....he was so strong when I left, so I don't know what happened. It just kind of breaks my heart. He was so prepared too when he got baptised. Not much I can do unfortunately. Please pray for him. I told Hermana Stirngham about that this week, she was not happy either. We just love that kid so much!

We found Paticia by the way! It was an awesome lesson! She told us she knows it is what she needs to do, but that she is scarred, because she knows she is going ot have to leave a lot behind. Please pray for her to have opportunities to strengthen her faith, and that we can keep finding her when we pass by.

Did I tell you all abut Monica and Karen? Well.....sadly we haven't been able to find them. SO SAD!

Did you see the house I helped build? I feel pretty legit to be able to say I helped build a house. 

Today is the 3 year anniversary of my companions baptism! Isn't that awesome! We want to do something to celebrate, but we are broke haha because it is the end of the month. Which means.....we get to get creative, which is always so much more fun.

The other night the other Hermanas cooked oatmeal and put it on their faces.....apparently its a thing? Haha idk they are crazy and I love them. We definitely do things we never would have in normal life as missionaries,

Oh and by the way, my companion hates when I talk like a is really funny, totally going to bug her about that ALL CAMBIO LONG!!!

So remember when I had that weird rash on my arm at the beginning of the mission....well its ba-ack. I don't really know what to do about it, but I called the nurse, so she is just never gets old haha

Well I know that I am forgetting stuff, but that is all I can think of at the moment.

Read and Pray Everyday

Hermana Makin

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